Unbridled Books Is Offering Inexpensive E-Books Through Indie Bookstores

It seems like almost everyday news breaks about another independent bookstore closing. These stores are being edged out by bigger chains and online retailers, not to mention the rise in e-books. However, publisher Unbridled Books feels that there is a definite place for independent bookstores amidst the new era of technology. Unbridled has partnered with the American Bookseller Association in order to promote the IndieCommerce program and make affordable e-books available through the 250 indie bookstores that sell through Google’s ABA platform. 

To jumpstart the partnership, for the next three days Unbridled will be selling twenty-five of their e-books titles for 25 cents each. Digital books that readers will be able to purchase include M. Allen Cunningham’s Green Age of Asher Witherow which is a coming of age tale set in a 19th-century California mining town; Marc Estrin’s The Good Doctor Guillotine, a fictional novel that follows five characters that are all destined for the guillotine during the French Revolution; and Masha Hamilton’s The Distance Between Us, a moving tale of a journalist who loses her colleague and lover while on assignment in Lebanon.

For a complete list of Unbridled's e-books on sale, see the publisher's Facebook page