Unique Jobs That Are Catching Our Eye In Series Romance!

In the early days of series romances (just a few decades ago) heroines who were employed tended to work as secretaries, nurses and teachers. Today women hold jobs in all different sectors of the workforce and series romances certainly reflect this diversity. They work all around the globe and in a variety of fascinating careers. Get a special look at three of the January heroines whose unique occupations have us considering a job change!


Jane Harper, life coach in Because of Jane
by Lenora Worth

The idea of having a heroine who is a life coach popped into my head a few years ago. I saw this tiny little woman with a serious expression on her face and glasses perched on her nose. She was standing in a yard, looking up at an old farmhouse. That is how Jane Harper, the heroine of my January Super Romance, Because of Jane, was born. I'd always been fascinated by the term "life coach". While researching the book, I realized people either love or hate life coaches. My hero, ex-quarterback Lenny Paxton, hated my little life coach on sight. That's because he was afraid Jane would make him face some terrible truths that he wasn't ready to face. That's one of the things a life coach tries to do, to figure out the psychological quirks and hidden hurts that hold people back from being their best. It's about more than health and exercise and it's about more than just having an organized house. It starts within, in a person's psyche. 

Being a life coach is a lot like being a sports coach. You have to train your subject and teach others how to get into the zone, so to speak. Most life coaches are therapists or psychologists. Some are trained psychiatrists. A life coach will instruct a client on goal-setting, letting go, and getting organized. A life coach will be like a cheerleader, yelling encouragement, or like a real coach, yelling helpful insults. Jane was a little of both, but she was so way over-educated and so rigid she couldn't see beyond her lists and charts. Lenny decided he needed to do a little coaching of his own--with Miss Jane Harper. He sets out to lighten her up, while she is determined to tone him down. In the end, they strike a nice balance. That nice balance is the goal of a life coach. But a little romance on the side doesn't hurt.


Marianne Lockwood, street performer in The Man Behind the Mask
by Maggie Cox

Sometimes the means of helping further a career suggests itself when you’re in the direst of straits.

This is exactly what happens in the case of my heroine, Marianne Lockwood. Despite not having the easiest start in life she doesn’t give up easily. Even the sad death of her mentor and husband Donal doesn’t squash her determination to rise from the ashes of her sorrowful past and make a good life for herself. She’s passionate about music and when she decides to busk at the side of the road as a way of honing her skills as a performer because there is little outlet for doing so where she lives - she is unprepared for the interest she’s unknowingly ignited in Eduardo de Souza.

Eduardo has been emotionally and physically scarred by the death of his wife and unborn baby in an accident in his native Brazil. He has turned his back on the warmth of his homeland where he is both wealthy and famous and retreated to a wintry England. The sight of Marianne singing at the roadside stirs him from the stupor of grief and despondency that has dogged him, making him determined to help ease what he sees as a woeful predicament. But to Marianne his offer of help is akin to a red flag to a bull. The sparks that fly between them are a tantalizing precursor to learning that falling in love is the best healer of all!


Kate Harper, paparazzi in His Thirty-Day Fiancee
by Catherine Mann

I hear the word “paparazzi” and Lady Gaga starts singing in my mind, along with images of ravaging media hounds. Paparazzi have long been characterized in a negative light. So what possessed me to make my January heroine – Kate Harper - a paparazzi photographer who falls for her princely target?

The real question for me was: What would drive one of my heroines to make the choice to enter a profession so often vilified? That’s when I started digging deeper and realized that Kate Harper hadn’t always been a celebrity hound photographer. She was an award-winning journalist who needed to make a career switch.

Just as Prince Duarte Medina will go to any lengths to protect his family, Kate Harper will do anything to help her special needs sister. Even if that means trading in her award winning press credentials for the higher payoff of media muck raking. From there, my imagination went wild with edgy and sexy possibilities.

A media headline shouting “Royalty Revealed” takes on a whole new meaning when this determined lady paparazzi gets caught climbing over a balcony to nab a photo of Prince Duarte Medina. And that’s exactly what happens when Kate Harper’s plan to gain an exclusive shot of the half dressed prince goes awry.

Picking a paparazzi heroine wasn’t necessarily the easiest route for me as a writer, but then I figure the higher the stakes, the hotter the story!

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