Unusual Occupations For October's Harlequin Historical Romance Heroines

In October Harlequin introduces readers to several historical heroines with unusual occupations. From a brothel's accountant to a nobleman's page, this month's female protagonists are not your average leading ladies. But will their unlikely jobs help them find love? 


The Captain's Forbidden Miss
By Margaret McPhee

Gwyneth McCloud is a lady-in-waiting to the widowed Mary Queen of Scots. It is during Gwyneth's time as part of the royal court that she meets Rowan, Lord of Lachraven, the new advisor to the queen. Although Gwyneth and Rowan disagree on many fronts, will their loyalty to Mary's family help bring these two together?

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Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride
By Louise Allen

Heroine Celina Shelley works at a brothel — but in an unexpected way — she is the accountant for her aunt's establishment. When her aunt becomes unexpectedly ill and Celina is put in danger, this headstrong heroine crafts her own escape and heads to a local baron's estate to hide out. When the home's owner, Quinn Ashley, learns of Celina's predicament he is determined not to let any more harm come to the mysterious woman, even if the cost for her safety is marriage.

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The Dragon and the Pearl
By Jeanne Lin

The place is China, the time is sometime during the eight century and heroine Suyin has spent several years as one of the Emperor's courtesans. She has since retired, but her famous past has made her an assassin's target. Thankfully, the powerful, skilled warrior General Li Tao is willing to help protect her. But will this pair be able to stay safe long enough for them to explore their mutual attraction?

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Snowflakes and Stetsons
By Jillian Hart, Carol Finch & Cheryl St. John

This winter collection of romance on the range features three heroines who are spending their time in unexpected ways. There's a bossy boutique owner, a debutante who helps save a payroll and fend off outlaws, and a generous widow who has been caring for the illegitimate son of a wrongfully accused man! 

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Miss in a Man's World
By Anne Ashley

In order to track down her godfather's murderer, Miss Georgina Grey dresses up like a man and takes a job as a nobleman's page. But when her boss, Viscount Bendict Fincham, begins to suspect that something is not right with his newest employee, will Georgina's dreams of justice be de-railed?

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Make-Believe Wife
By Anne Herries

Roxanne Peters is an actress headed towards London when Viscount Luke Clarendon proposes that she pose as his fiancée. After their fake proposal becomes a real marriage, Luke discovers that Roxanne doesn't actually know who she is, she was struck with amnesia many years ago and never remembered her early life. But it appears that someone has recognized Roxanne as now after her — and she has no idea why!

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Will the experiences these heroines gained in their unlikely occupations help them find their happily ever afters? You can find out by picking up your own copies of these tales now!