Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters - Meet The Cast!

Last week, we interviewed author Richelle Mead and she answered our questions about the movie adaptation for her YA Vampire Academy series. Excited to see her fictional world come to life, Mead said that every actor cast in the film absolutely captures her VA characters. But just who will be bringing this paranormal saga to life? Today we give you a run down of the actors you will see on the big screen Valentine's Day 2014, when Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters releases in theaters everywhere.

The pivotal role of Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway, the book’s narrator and Guardian in training, will be played by the beautiful Zoey Deutch. With her delicate features and girl next door sweetness, this is an interesting choice for the female Dhampir, or half human/half vampire. We hope that Rose will retain her sassiness in the movie adaptation and are sure that Deutch is up to the task.

Rose's primary love interest, the Russian Dhampir and Guardian, will be played by Danila Kozlovsky. One thing is for sure, since Danila is in fact Russian he will have the accent down. And ladies, this guy is hot enough to fill the theater all by himself!

Other main characters include Rose's best friend Lissa, played by Lucy Fry and her boyfriend Christian, played by hunky British actor Dominic Sherwood. One hot couple! 

Some of the more well known actors who have signed on the cast include Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland as Rose and Lissa’s best friend Natalie. Bond girl Olga Kurylenko will play Ellen Kirova, the headmistress of St. Vladimir's Academy, the school that rose and her pals attend.

The most shocking casting decision is no casting at all for one VA character. Fans will be disappointed to find out they will have to wait to see Edison Castile come to life. Edison, or "Eddie" to his friends, is a Guardian in training who takes off with Rose and a few others to track down bad guys. And as much as this character is a fan favorite, screenwriter Daniel Waters says that Eddie will not make an appearance until the next movie in the Vampire Academy series. Waters wrote to fans:

”Basically, it is difficult to find a charismatic, high-caliber actor to play an unfortunately but necessarily reduced role. We all felt it best for the first film and the Eddie Castile character himself to wait for Frostbite, where Eddie's role is more full-bodied so we could find a more special actor. Apologies for any pain this decision may cause."

While we are very disappointed to have to wait to see Eddie on screen, we are equally thrilled that a second Vampire Academy movie is in the pre-planning stages! And if the VA casting directors need help deciding on roles, RT fans are always ready to help! You can post your recommendations for who should play Eddie in the comments below.

Actress Sami Gayle, shown here reading Richelle Mead's book, will be portraying Mia in the film, Rose and Lissa’s enemy at St. Vladimir’s Academy


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