Video Interview: Alyxandra Harvey — Updated 10/10/2011!

BLOG UPDATE 10/10/2011: Just a head's up for anyone who doesn't have their own copies of the first three stories in this series, Barnes & Noble is currently having a book-bundle sale on the series. You can purchase all of the Drake Chronicles books as e-books for $7.99 or as print books for $9.49. Check out the deal here!

Author Alyxandra Harvey has made a name for herself with her innovative Young Adult vampire series, The Drake Chronicles. The series began in July and the third novel in the series, Out for Blood, will hit shelves on December 21st. In this video interview, the author goes behind the scenes of The Drake Chronicles with RT's Assistant Web Editor Whitney Sullivan. Learn about Harvey's classic fairytale inspiration, her diverse Drake siblings and more!

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