Video Interview: Coreene Callahan

Author Coreene Callahan has thrilled readers with her debut Dragonfury series, which follows the half-human, half-dragon shifters of the Nightfury clan. The muscle-bound hunks who tower over six feet have won a legion of fans. With the third book, the eagerly anticipated Fury of Seduction, set to hit shelves on November 13, 2012, RT's Morgan was on hand at BEA to get the scoop from Callahan. They discuss the author's inclusion of strong, independent human women who find themselves thrown into the foreign, and oftentimes dangerous, world of dragon shifters. And the woman who falls in love with the hero of Fury of Seduction is going to need this strength, because her dragon is hot — in more ways than one. Coreene Callahan reveals the identity of the seductive shifter and more in the video below. 

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