Video Interview: Daniel Silva

Some of our favorite thriller novels feature the sleuthing of fictional hero Gabriel Allon, an ex-Israeli assassin-turned-art-restorer. Created by New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva, Allon has a very loyal fan base. To the delight of those fans, the 12th book in the series, The Fallen Angel, just hit shelves this month. So what's ahead for Allon's loyal legions? Well, as Silva explains to RT’s Morgan in a recent phone interview, they can expect “intrigue and intelligence” and, as always, a strong art component. The author shares an insider's look at Allon’s investigation of the death of woman at the Vatican while he’s restoring a Carravagio. But Silva goes on to also talk about the popularity of the Allon series, its continuance and the possibility of a series starring a new protagonist. Curious about what the future holds in store for fans of Daniel Silva’s captivating thrillers? Watch the video below.

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