Video Interview: Francine Pascal

Author and creator of the ever-popular Sweet Valley series Francine Pascal is back with six e-book novellas that follow the Wakefield twins and friends into their dirty 30s. Picking up three years after the ending of Sweet Valley Confidential, the new series takes our favorite characters and puts them through the wringer of the Sweet Life. With the first e-book releasing on June 26th, and each subsequent installment following every two weeks, this is going to be one sweet summer! Pascal reveals that each novella will be a complete story, but they'll all end with incredible cliffhangers.

RT's Elissa was thrilled to sit down with Francine Pascal at this year's RT Convention to get the scoop about what's ahead. The author revealed that she had a great time revisiting the now grown-up characters for fans that spent just as much time in SVH as they did their own schools. But Pascal teases at some big changes for our favorite blonde twins, including that one character will face the biggest obstacle of all. Interested in finding out all the insider gossip? Then check out the video below.

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