Video Interview: Jacquelyn Frank

Author Jacquelyn Frank has made a remarkable journey from the lowest low, being nearly homeless, to the highest height, achieving her dream of becoming a best-selling author. Now the author, who is known for her unique paranormal tales, is taking on a new challenge. Under the pseudonym Jax, Frank has released her first erotic science fiction tale, The Bid, which features shapeshifters, slaves and a blue heroine. RT Reviewer Joyce Morgan raves about the book, "Read it for the suspense, the worldbuilding or the sex scenes — most of all, read it for the fascinating storyline that builds to a pulse-pounding climax."

This new endeavor is just one more surprise in a life of many transformations. So how did she do it? Frank shares her story with RT's Web Editor Morgan Doremus. Learn about the ups and downs of her publishing career and find out how a writing contest changed her entire life. Frank also offers her advice for aspiring authors.

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