Video Interview: Joanna Philbin

RT's Morgan recently sat down with author Joanna Philbin, whose new YA release Rules of Summer is a must-read story of the season. The author is known for her widely successful Daughters series, about the children of celebrities, which Joanna can relate to as the daughter of Regis Philbin. Like her Daughters books, Rules of Summer also focuses on privileged teens, but heroine Rory wasn't raised in the lap of luxury like Philbin's previous heroines. Set in East Hampton, Rory goes to work for the wealthy Rule family and gets caught up in the lavish country club lifestyle, a slow-building romance and an unlikely friendship with Isabel Rule. In this video interview, Philbin shares her own experiences vacationing in the Hamptons as a teen and how her two seemingly opposite female protagonists in her latest novel manage to have an unforgettable adventure.

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