Video Interview: Julie James

Author Julie James' latest novel About That Night will be in stories today. But before you pick up your copy, make sure to check out this video interview which goes behind the scenes of this anticipated novel. At a recent conference, RT's Morgan got a chance to chat with the author about her new reunion romance. Years ago young tycoon Kyle Rhodes shared a soul shattering kiss with Rylann Pierce, however, circumstances tore them apart before they could fully investigate the attraction. Now, they are back together but Rylann is an Assistant US Attorney — and Kyle is a man her office has prosecuted. It's a gripping scenario full of vibrant, career-driven characters, but just how real is this courtroom drama? James dives into how she used her own experiences as a lawyer to give her stories a ring of truth. But if you're new to James' work, don't expect this to be a dry tale — the author is well known for crafting witty repartee that engages and delights readers.

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