Video Interview: Lisa Jackson

The latest Lisa Jackson suspense is a real page-turner, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the author who has given us enough thrills and chills to last a lifetime. To learn more about Jackson's newest release, You Don’t Want to Know, RT’s Morgan sat down with the author to chat about the story that kept us on our toes. This tale will have the audience mourning with heroine Ava Garrison as she deals with the loss of her two-year-old son, Noah. His mysterious disappearance from a foggy pier has haunted Ava for years. It left her longing for resolution — and filled with questions. As she searches for answers, readers tread the dark and twisted path right alongside her. Today, Jackson discusses the novel that she’s had simmering in her imagination for years and how its isolated setting helped establish its atmospheric Hitchcockian feel. Watch the video below for interesting insight into the mind of this bestselling author!

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