Video Interview: Lucy Connors And Exclusive Chapter Reveal

We're always thrilled when one of our favorite authors makes the leap into a new genre, which is why we were so excited to ask paranormal romance author Alyssa Day about her debut Young Adult novel releasing in 2014, The Lonesome Young, written under the pseudonym Lucy Connors! In this interview, the author discusses making the switch from not only adult to YA, but also paranormal to contemporary romance. She also talks about why she made this decision and the connection she feels towards her characters that live in a small, rural town. We also get more details on this modern Romeo and Juliet story with heavy themes of death, drugs and crime and the author shares some info about the hero and heroine's "addictive connection," despite their feuding families. Intrigued? You can read the first chapter of The Lonesome Young here!

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