Video Interview: Michele Jaffe Talks Ghost Flower And Beyond!

If you're hunting for that perfect beach book, we suggest that readers of all ages take a peek at author Michele Jaffe's summer 2012 release, Ghost Flower. This YA mystery won RT's Seal of Excellence in May and we can't get the compelling tale out of our heads. So for all those readers who haven't checked out this story about a runaway who assumes the identity of a missing rich girl, today we're bringing you an interview with the author! At the 2012 RT Booklovers Convention, Jaffe sat down with RT's Elissa to talk about how stealing someone's identity means changing yourself — sometimes in fundamental ways. But that's not all the pair discuss. Get an insider's look at Ghost Flower and then find out what Jaffe is working on next. (Here's a hint: this adult book will include Nazis, a New York socialite and the cabaret!)

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