Video Interview: Smashwords Founder And CEO Mark Coker is one of the top platforms for authors looking to take the self-publishing route. At this year's RT Booklovers Convention, Smashwords CEO and founder Mark Coker was on-hand to chat with aspiring and published authors about the world of self-publishing. In this video interview, Coker chats with RT's Morgan about how he started Smashwords and built it into a highly successful online self-publishing platform.

Discover some of the amazing opportunities out there for authors to directly reach readers. Then find out what analyzing Smashwords' e-book sales over the last year has revealed in terms of the best-selling price points, story lengths and genres for your self-published writing. (Coker does advise that authors approach self-publishing with a cautious optimism, because not everyone will be instant bestsellers.) Discover what Coker knows about the new frontier that is self-publishing with this RT-exclusive interview. And if you want more self-publishing tips from Mark Coker after watching the video, check out the blog post about his RT Convention panel for even more tips on the best self-publishing practices.

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