Video Interview: Tamera Alexander On Bringing The Antebellum South To Life

We're spotlighting inspirational reads all throughout November! And what better way to celebrate the genre than taking readers behind the scenes of an anxiously anticipated series? Today we've got a special look at author Tamera Alexander's new inspirational historical romance series, the Belmont Mansion Novels, that begins with this month's new release, A Lasting Impression. In this video interview, the author chats with RT's Morgan about the process of weaving true historical details of the antebellum south into this series that is not only set in the actual Belmont Mansion, but also includes many of the historical figures who lived in (or nearby) the mansion during the era. Alexander also shares a look at the sources that she relied on to accurately bring the age to life. And then find out how the author crafted her characters' spiritual journey, as they learn how to be authentic to themselves and to God.

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