A Visitors Guide To Violet Hill: A Tour Through The Fictional Town Of The Drake Chronicles By Alxyandra Harvey

Alyxandra Harvey’s Drake Chronicles is one of the best new paranormal series available. "You haven't met vampires until you've met Harvey's Drake family, but expect to fall in love with at least one — if not all of them — by the time you are done reading," warns RT's Whitney, "this series is addictive!"

With four full-length books out so far, a handful of novellas available online and a legion of fans eagerly anticipating the series fifth, which is coming out soon, we asked the author to give us a tour around her vampire-infested town. Lucky for us, the author did one better ... today readers can get a look at Violet Hill through the eyes of Hunter Wild, one of the many vampire hunting (and vampire dating) kick butt heroines of this intriguing series. Take the guided tour of Violet Hill, check out the map of must-see spots and then take a look at the *Web Exclusive Review* of Bleeding Hearts all before Blood Moon hits stores next month!


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You can find tourist guides anywhere. They’ll tell you that Violet Hill is home to a thriving alternative arts community, organic farming, and outdoor pursuits. You can read about the hiking and the camping and the purity of the water from the mountains. There’s an art festival in July and a pioneer museum. We have more farmer’s markets and New Age shops in one block than half the country put together.

What the guides won’t tell you though, is that we also have vampires.

A lot of them.

And they’re kinda high maintenance. So take it from me, if you’re new to the real Violet Hill, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind…

1) Don’t wander around the woods at night. Especially lately. You’d think that was pretty basic advice but when city folk come here they get all stupid with the need to sit out in a tent and count the stars. I get it. It’s really pretty here. Less pretty if you’re dead, though.

2) If you go to the forest anyway, expect to get eaten by a bear. Or Quinn’s Aunt Ruby.

3) The forest is also home to the Drake family estate, the royal vampires caves, the Blood Moon camp, and a place called the Bower. Seriously, it’s getting crowded in there.

4) The mountains are full of caves, some of which are used by the Hounds. Do not engage. And don’t try to pet their dogs.

5) Violet Lake is very picturesque and the boardwalk is well-maintained. Occasionally, a Hel-Blar will wander through and they are less picturesque. Plus, they smell like wet garbage, mildew and mushrooms. Avoid.

6) Helios-Ra Academy is south of town and closed to visitors.

7) The abandoned frontier town is north of town and closed to visitors. Also, kinda infested. And burned down. Okay, we blew it up. We were totally justified.

8) There’s only one high school but there are at least three art schools, one music school, and a school that teaches you how to survive in the wilderness. See above, #1.

9) There are underground safehouses scattered throughout the area and tunnels linking them together. They’re maintained for the vampire population, but we hunters have our own safehouses too. One of them leads to my grandpa’s basement. He’ll blow your head off with a shotgun if you don’t have the password.

Kieran’s Mom also lives in town but she’ll be no help to you.

Lucy’s parents live just east of town on a farm but they’re more likely to harbour vampires than hunters.

If you’re looking for a place to hide, your best bet is to try the side door of the Gaia Café.

10) Violet Hill may be a quaint hippie town but there are still areas that are best to avoid. The old glass factory in the warehouse district should be off limits. It’s been abandoned since the seventies and it’s full of rats and dark corners.

Honeychurch Street is the safest and busiest part of town, about two streets over from the warehouse district. It’s got a movie theatre, cafes, crystal shops, pubs, and a vegan juice bar. Also, Conspiracy Theory. Conspiracy Theory is one of the only places open late and they don’t look too closely at their patrons. Upside: they’ll let you in if you’re underage. Downside: they’ll also let in vampires. 

Welcome to Violet Hill.

Try not to get eaten.

- Hunter Wild

See The Enlarged Map Of Violet Hill >>

You can visit Violet Hill in the first four books of Alyxandra Harvey’s Drake Chronicles, all in stores now. And mark your calendar because Blood Moon will be released June 19, 2012. Still want more YA? Be sure to check out RT’s Everything Young Adult Page!