Vivian Arend On Writing Wolf Shifter Romance And Silver Mine

Vivian Arend has won over paranormal romance fans with her sexy tales of wolf shifters and the obstacles they must face in order to secure their happily ever afters. Her latest release, Silver Mine, is the second in her Takhini Wolves series and tells the story of veterinarian Shelley and crossbreed shifter Chase. When Chase comes in to Shelley's clinic after being brutally attacked, Shelley offers to help mend his wounds and track down his attacker — risking both her life and her heart. Today, the author shares some details about this new release and why she loves writing shifter romance.

One of my favorite tropes in paranormal romance is fated-mates. There’s something about two people getting gobsmacked out of the blue that makes me go awww.

Since I started writing the Granite Lake Wolves novellas in 2009, I’ve been exploring all the different variations on that theme I can think of. Fated mates, but one partner doesn’t know they are a shifter? Check. Fated mates who chose to wait while working through issues? Check! Everyone has difficulties to overcome on the way to their HEA, even after finding their forever-in-an-instant love.

In the spin-off Takhini Wolves series there are still fated mates—same world, new location—but now the what ifs are big enough to make any wolf squirm.

Like: What if you found your mate, and you seem to have nothing in common?

Like: What if, through no fault of your own, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find a mate?

In Silver Mine, the heroine is a wolf-shifter who can’t shift. She never has, and she probably never will. To add to her distress, because of her wolfish issues Shelley’s been informed she’s not likely to find a mate. The hero? Chase is a crossbreed with two forms, both cougar and wolf, but he can’t control which one he shifts into at any given moment. Outside the inconvenience, consider the potential awkwardness of turning into the only cat in the room after poker night at the pack house.

At first glance it might seem unfair he can shift into two animals while she can’t even bring her one to the surface. I suppose if having more is automatically considered better, then yes. If more money in the bank is good, more inner beasts must also be good, right? But more spiders in your hair…oooh, that changes the picture!

When it comes down to it, their individual struggles have made them who they are. Chase’s broken, yet abundant shifting options; Shelley’s lack of them. They have unknowingly shared a common past as they dealt with rejection. As they learned ways to cope with what other shifters considered handicaps. They might not have liked their situation, in fact it might have hurt like crazy at times, but dealing with their reality changed them.

So how do they get to a happily-ever-after when either of them should have a mate? Remember I said I love the trope! Well, even in fated-mate stories there’s that moment I wait for eagerly. When what fate dictated becomes more than a mere chemical reaction. It becomes a deliberate acceptance and I love you.

Somewhere in the midst of this story, two people who have learned to love themselves make a deliberate choice to love each other. Not the kind of love that magically erases all their hurts, and cures all their ills, but the kind of love that makes living with hurts bearable. Which is pretty awwww inspiring, when you think of it.

- Vivian Arend

Do you love shifter romance? Tell us why in the comments. You can get a copy of Silver Mine, available for download from major online retailers now. For more sexy shifters visit our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page!