Vote For The Winner Of Writing With The Stars

The time has come, folks, we are on our last round of the RT/Kensington contest, Writing With the Stars and we need your help to decide who should be the winner! 

Take a look at each contestant's love scene and decide whose manuscript has you rushing outside for a bit of a cool-off.

Maeve Greyson's Taggart and Hannah turn up the heat with a bath scene. Diana Quincy's Cam and Charlotte's quickie is anything but wham-bam-thank-you-m'am. And Meredith Simmons takes a roll in the hay to a whole new level with Cassy and Anders' love play. But if you have a hard time deciding whose scene really takes the cake, do not fear - we've also provided the critique from this round's judge, RT Senior Reviewer Kathe Robin, as well as comments from the author mentors who have been helping Maeve, Diana and Meredith through this process. 

Voting for round five is open until February 27th. You can only vote once but you can comment on the entries as many times as you'd like. 

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