Wayback Whensday: Guess The Decade And Win A Bundle Of Books

If you asked me my top five favorite things about working at RT, looking through our archives would definitely be up there. We have gigantic filing cabinets lining the office walls filled with photos, newspaper clippings and other gems from the 1980s and 90s that make up RT's history. As a younger person who doesn't necessarily remember much of these decades, it's so much fun seeing the party photos from RT Conventions of yore. If anything makes me want a time machine — and some big, poofy dresses.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite RT Convention photos from years past, because keeping them locked in a filing cabinet should be a crime. And I've decided to make things extra fun: guess which decade each photo is from (either the 1980s, '90s or '00s) and win a bundle of books from your favorite genre! The photos are numbered to make things easier. Leave your guesses in the comments to enter, or e-mail them to me here with the subject "Convention Photos Giveaway" and your mailing address. 

On to the photos!








UPDATE: The winner is Evangeline Holland, who submitted her answers via email and only got one wrong! The answers are below. Thanks to everyone who entered!

1. 90s (Savannah)

2. 00s (Orlando)

3. 90s (San Antonio)

4. 90s (Savannah)

5. 00s (Houston)

6. 90s (Baton Rouge)

7. 80s (Bermuda, RT Convention cruise)

Remember, comment or e-mail your answers by tomorrow (11/4) at Noon EST. U.S. residents only, please! The winner with the highest number of correct guesses wins (or, if there are multiple entries that are 100 percent correct, the winner will be randomly drawn from that group). A winner will be announced here tomorrow at Noon EST. For more info on the 2014 RT Convention in New Orleans, visit RTConvention.com.