We Announce RT's Seal of Excellence Award-Winning Book For The Month Of July!

Each month RT Book Reviews’ editors select one book that is not only compelling but pushes the boundaries of genre fiction and stands out from the more than 250 books reviewed in its latest issue and online. 

“Because of the sheer number of books we review each month in RT Book Reviews we have a unique perspective on which one is destined for the keeper shelf and therefore deserves our Seal of Excellence,” says Carol Stacy, Publisher and Internet Director. “It is our intention to share this gem with readers and draw attention to a fantastic book they might not otherwise pick up.“

So which novel won the July RT Seal of Excellence and what other titles were contenders for the Seal this month?

Here's your hint: A man with a mysterious past must fight for the lives of his wife and daughter in this tale of decades-old corruption and scandal.

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