We Interview Historical Romance Author Kate Noble About Her Fourth Regency Romance And More!

Kate Noble has just released her fourth Regency romance with this month’s Follow My Lead, which takes her characters across Europe on a quest that turns unexpectedly dangerous. Today we chat with the author for an insider look at Follow My Lead and where she’s headed next!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: In Follow My LeadWinnifred “Winn” Crane is attempting to gain membership to the all-male Historical Society when she meets Jason. How did this Regency miss originally become interested in such scholarly pursuits?

Kate Noble: Winn has three things that lead her down the path of scholarship: she is whip-smart, curious, and very much a daddy’s girl. Her father, Alexander Crane, was a renowned professor of art history, and he taught her everything he knew. Over time she became his assistant, writing letters, helping him research papers, etc. She couldn’t have asked for a more thorough education, and one far above what most ladies of the day received. Before he died, he even encouraged her in her anonymous writings, which piqued the interest of the academic world of the Historical Society.

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