We Taste Test The 50 Shades of Grey Wine

You might've seen that the 50 Shades franchise has gone beyond books, film and sex toys to now include wine. This isn't a huge surprise, given that in 50 Shades of Grey there's a lot of wine drinking. Christian Grey even goes so far as to actually spit wine into Anastasia Steele's mouth, because nothing is sexier than drinking wine that contains a good dose of your lover's saliva. (Note: Our editor Regina Small was so freaked out by this moment in the book that she actually noted it on Goodreads.)

But E.L. James has "always had a penchant for good wine," so we decided to test this claim by trying the wine ourselves. Dubbed "Red Satin" and "White Silk," both bottles retail for $17.99 each, which is a little steep for what we were expecting to be Franzia in a bottle. But the wine did not disappoint! It was actually good, you guys. We should have known a billionaire would have good taste. It wasn't amazing, but I would bring it to a party. The white was fruity but not too sweet and the red was robust, but did not taste like leather, as the description claims (ew).


Yea, we drank wine out of champagne glasses, which we have an abundance of (both glass and plastic, of course). This is RT, people. Back in the 80s, there was actually a hot tub in the office.


The white actually doesn't look neon yellow, it was just the camera.


Branding, branding everywhere.


In case we forgot what we were drinking


Let's get this straight, wine, you are MINE!


Out of the bottle


The end result. White Silk > Red Satin



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