We Went Western At The Samhain Stampede

Earlier this week fans turned out in true Western style for the Samhain Stampede. There was boot-scooting music, games and cowboy costumes galore. And as booklovers enjoyed delicious bar-b-que food and got a taste of life in the wild wild West, we were treated to some fantastic giveaways. 


Authors Lexxie Couper, Mari Carr , P.G. Forte and Kelly Jamieson were among those rocking the complimentary cowboy hats.

Editorial Director Heather Osborn seemed like a natural as she emceed the event!

Fans enjoyed a series of themed games that really got us all feeling like cowboys.

And everyone got to take home a cowboy boot beer mug.

But a few lucky readers went home particularly happy because they won Kindle Fires!

Be sure to check back later tonight when we bring you more coverage from the 2012 RT Booklovers Convention!