Wes Anderson Short Story Rediscovered!

Acclaimed director Wes Anderson is best known for his films The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and the recent hit, Fantastic Mr. Fox. But, what some fans may not know is that Anderson is also a fiction author.

Anderson's written works are much harder to get ahold of than his films. However, this week Analecta, the literary journal of the University of Texas at Austin, posted an original work from acclaimed director on their blog.

Now readers can enjoy Anderson's 1989 short story "The Ballad of Reading Milton".

Fans will definitely recognize the classic Anderson style in this early work. The protagonist in the story, Max, resembles many characters his fans have seen before — a tortoise-shell glasses wearing protagonist who obsessively compares himself with others and always comes up short. As in his other writing, Anderson's story is witty and terse, by turns cerebral and absurd. Only a writer with Anderson's talents can evoke Nietzsche, Plato, Marlon Brando and Jack in the Box all in the same page.

For the full story about the rediscovery and to read Wes Anderson's "The Ballad of Reading Milton", check out Analecta's blog here >>

We want to know, which author’s early works would you like to see rediscovered?