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Dear Jane,

I have the Sony 505 and so far have bought PDF books but found out I could do epub. Barnes and Noble's e-books ... well I found a super duper bargain but don't like reading at my computer! I'm assuming it's not compabible since they're trying to sell their own and the price is a bit steeper than I'm wanting to pay since I already have a good eReader (at least I think it's ok!) and prefer paperbacks if I can find them for the same or similar price but some just aren't available in paperback or the paperback is $15 and the e-book $2.50-$5.95 ... big difference!

Is there software that can convert especially from Barnes and Noble or Kindle formats or am I just stuck?

- Wanting my Bargains!


Dear Wanting,

Good news. Unlike poor "Debating a Sony", the nook Reader can read books purchased at the Sony store, but it requires what is called a "side load" process.

First, you can't download Sony books directly onto your nook from the device itself using the snazzy color browser at the bottom. Instead, you download the Sony books onto your computer, plug your nook in and
then transfer the books onto the nook.

Here is a video on sideloading a book onto the nook.

To get the Sony Books onto the nook, you have to do these steps:

1) Download Adobe Digital Editions

2) Authorize your Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) by signing in with your Adobe ID. Authorization is needed because the major publishers wrap the books up with software locks and for ADE epub books, your Adobe ID will unlock the the books so you can read them.

3) Once you have authorized ADE, start ADE and go to Library. Click "Add".

4) Go to the folder where your Sony Reader books are located. On Windows it is My Documents; My Books; Reader Library. On Mac it is Documents; My Books; Reader Library.

5) Select with your mouse the books you want to add.

6) Plug your nook into the computer. The nook should show up as an icon on the left side of the ADE.

7) Drag and drop the books you have added to the nook icon.

You can do this for any epub purchased anywhere, not just Sony epubs.

Sometimes you'll need to restart the nook after adding content. Good luck and please write again if you have any problems.



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