What I Fear Most...by James Rollins

Thriller author James Rollins has made a career of scaring people. From biological disasters to corrupt companies, Rollins incorporates many of modern society’s fears into his novels. The author, who is also behind the movie novelization of the latest Indiana Jones movie, has several dangerous hobbies. So what scares a man who spends his free time spelunking, scuba diving and traveling to the unknown?

As an adventure writer, I’ve always found ways to fold terror into stories based on personal experience. I started caving in college and had to confront claustrophobia. As a diver, it was fear of drowning. As a veterinarian, it was snakes and tarantulas. All of these were once fears of mine. But over time, those phobic reactions receded (not completely: tarantulas still creep me out, though I do still treat the occasional spider fanatic’s “pets” at the veterinary hospital). But the one fear that continues unabated from childhood into middle age is a somewhat strange one: I have an unrelenting fear of drawbridges. Normal bridges, no problem. But if I’m driving over a bridge that is structurally engineered to open, I get clammy hands, my heart races, and I’m sure I’m about to plummet to my death. Of course, it’s irrational. Of course, such bridges are as sound as any other. But given a choice, I will and I have driven miles out of my way to avoid crossing a drawbridge.

- James Rollins

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