What We're Reading: Lovin' Some Loveswept

Every once in a while you stumble upon the perfect summer read. Lucky for me, I stumbled twice in a row after picking up review copies of two of Loveswept's new titles — Have Mercy, by debut author Shelley Ann Clark (out now), and Ruthie Knox's Truly, which comes out on August 5.

The covers of Have Mercy and Truly side by side

In Have Mercy, bass player and struggling bar owner Tom McKinney is fascinated by soulful singer Emme Hayes. When he joins her band and their state-to-state van tour, they make more than just beautiful music together. What follows is funny, heartfelt, and knock-your-socks off sexy, because Tom is a submissive, eager to have Em set the rules of their game — especially if said game keeps his mind off his troubles at home. The words "Yes, ma'am" have never been as electric as they are in Have Mercy, deployed by Clark's sharp and clever pen.

If that doesn't have your curiosity a bit piqued, then how's this for some fan-yourself-worthy dialogue? "You look good kneeling at my feet, sugar."  "I'm always kneeling at your feet," Tom said. "Even when I'm standing."

Whew. Is it hot in here? If Have Mercy is Clark's first single, then I can't wait for the whole album!

Ruthie Knox has already proven herself one of the best voices of new contemporary romance, and Truly sees her at the top of her game, writing a love letter to New York City and to finding your true self. As someone who lives in New York, I'm pretty tough on stories set here, but Knox nails it in Truly as Wisconsin graphic designer May Fredericks comes into her own after stabbing her football player boyfriend with a shrimp fork and meeting a stranger in an East Village Packers' bar.

Messy, awkward, ugly-cry moments abound in real life, and they exist on Knox's pages, too. Her characters are relatable and authentic and so damn funny ... I can't tell you how many times I set down my Kindle so I could crack up. Case in point: "She’d just practically had sex with a tray full of tacos, and now the postcoital embarrassment set in. He saw me naked! With tacos!"

If wild, uninhibited taco sex intrigues you, Truly can't be missed.

So, don't be afraid to get Loveswept away this month. It certainly did me some good!

What are you reading this summer? Have Mercy is available digitally now and Truly can be downloaded August 5. For more genre news and coverage visit our Everything Romance and Everything Erotica pages.