What's Coming Next For Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls

It's no secret that one of my favorite YA series is Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls. So when I saw her at this year's BEA convention surrounded by a group of fans, I had to break through the crowd to ask her a few questions.

Now that the author is on her fifth novel in the action-packed YA series, I had to know if Ally ever gets stuck when coming up with new spy-situations for her girls. I was thrilled to learn that this is not the case at all, in fact, Ally shared that the hard part is trying to choose between all of the different situations. “I see like seven things they can do and I don’t know which one is best.” Ally admits. And when that happens, “I call up my editor and we talk through it.” (Wouldn’t I love to be in on that conference call!)

Since every story leaves me more impressed with the abilities of these pint-sized spies, I wanted to know what Ally admires the most about the Gallagher Girls. She was quick to say that she thinks their memory is great. “They walk into a room and they are trained to notice every little detail. They never forget anything.” That would come in handy but I will admit that for a girl that was always picked last in PE, I would be pretty happy with their physical abilities. They always make it through every do-or-die situation they get put in — no matter how bad the odds look!  

So what did she tell me about the next book? Ally was pretty closed mouth about what we will find in the as-of-yet-untitled December release. But she did reveal that we are going international, “Think Rome!” she told me with a secret smile. 

Oh Rome, the amazing architecture, delicious pasta and cute accents of dreamy foreign boys. These are just a few of the things that I am looking forward to when Ally’s teen spies hit Europe at the end of this year. 

What are you hoping will happen when the Gallagher Girls take on Rome?