Where To Submit Your Manuscript: June 2012

Aspiring authors, we know that it can be disheartening to look out into the abyss of potential publishing houses and only see the same old phrase, “no unsolicited manuscripts accepted.” These days many of the major publishing houses rely on their ties with literary agents and in-house promotions to find new authors. But don’t despair; today we’ve come up with a list of ten places — from off-the-beaten path publishers to special back doors of the big-name houses — that would welcome your query letter, manuscript or submission. 


Choc Lit: This UK-based publishing house is running a competition looking for the next American romance star! The winner will be a US-based author in any romance genre including historical, contemporary, paranormal, etc. The story needs to include both the heroine's and the hero’s POV. To enter, a synopsis about the work should be emailed to submissions@choc-lit.com. Your entry must be a completed manuscript of 70,000 to 100,000 words that has not been previously published. The winning entry will be distributed worldwide by Choc Lit. The deadline to enter is December 31, 2012 and you can find more information about the contest here. And to learn more about Choc Lit, stop by the RT Daily Blog on Friday to read our interview with the publisher.

Montlake: If your love story is perfect for Amazon’s broad audience of readers, consider submitting to their Montlake romance line. The digital line of romances is currently open to submissions, and unlike many lines, there’s an easy way to send your story in for consideration. Learn more by clicking here.

Entangled: Do you have an enchanting happily ever after story featuring the brains-hungry living dead? Entangled is currently looking for zombie fairy tales for an upcoming e-anthology releasing in the Fall. Submissions are open until July 31, so don’t wait — get them your submission today. For more information on requirements and how to submit, click here.

Carina Press: Harlequin’s digital arm has made a name for themselves in e-book publishing. Now the Carina editors are looking for fresh stories. The best part of this news is that there’s no expiration date for this call! Discover what each of Carina’s editors are looking for and get all the information on how to get your story in their hands by checking out their website.

Etopia Press: Whether or not you’ve heard of this new e-book publisher, it might just make the perfect home for your manuscript. They’re currently seeking stories that fall into the genres of urban fantasy, romantic suspense, historical romance, YA tales and more. You can see their current call for submissions (and the full list of genres they’re accepting manuscripts for) here. But be sure to also read Etopia’s full submissions guidelines here.

Dreamspinner: If your happily ever after has one too many heroes for a traditional publisher, Dreamspinner might just be the place for you! The M/M romance press is currently looking for short stories to fill their fall and winter 2012 anthologies. From stories of don’t-try-this-at-home to sweeter tales of snowy seduction, you can learn more about what Dreamspinner wants here.

Whiskey Creek Press: This publisher recently announced that they are expanding their Torrid Books imprint with three new lines. The Man Cave will serve up erotica for men, Twilight Temptations will satisfy urban fantasy lovers and Alternative Love is going to tell stories of GBLT romance. If you’ve got a steamy tale that would fit one of these categories, don’t hesitate to submit your manuscript here.

Adams Media: A company known for publishing books across the genres for all different audiences, Adams is now taking on the romance community with their new digital line, Crimson Romance. The publisher is currently looking for romantic suspense, historical, paranormal and other romance subgenres — stories that carry a heat level anywhere from sweet to sultry. So if you think your book would be a perfect fit, you can learn how to submit it here.

Did we miss one of your favorite places to submit work? Let us know in the comments below. For more suggestions of establishments that may be a good fit for your manuscript you can check out our Agents List or our Publishers List.