Which Famous Characters' Stories Would You Like To See "Continuated"?

We really enjoyed the feature in Salon this past weekend that focused on “the continuators”, a fancy-sounding name for the authors who help keep famous characters (and stories) going on after the original author retires or dies. In Salon they profiled some of our favorite characters that benefited from new authors stepping in to continue their stories such as Sherlock Holmes, Jason Bourne and James Bond. (Authors Anthony Horowitz, Eric Van Lustbader and Jeffrey Deaver continue those series respectively.) 

The Salon piece got us thinking about which favorite characters we’d love to see “continuated.” And this sounds like an easy list to come up with because there are some extremely obvious choices, such as any of the fabulous leading characters from the pens of the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen (Whitney was particularly rooting for Austen's Emma to get a new tale) as well as Scarlett O’Hara, Nancy Drew and a slew of other fabulous characters that we just can't get enough of. But it turns out that the characters mentioned above and even the girls of Ann M. Martin’s The Babysitter Club series have already had their second “day in the sun”  — and sometimes their third, fourth and beyond — as they were written into new adventures at the hands of different authors. This changed our original question from "who do you most want to see continued?" to "which less-popular characters deserve some more attention?" Here are the RT web team's top picks ...

Whitney said she’d love to see more about any of the characters from A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt, because, “I can’t think of a group of guys and gals who deserve a happy ending more than they do, that story is all darkness, doom and dying for what you believe in.” Elisa, on the other hand, was hoping for something with a bit of a more fantastical bent so her top pick for unlikely continuation was Marvin the depressed robot from The Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy by Douglass Adams saying, “even though a sixth book of the series was released in 2009 by a new author, I still want more Marvin.” And finally, Morgan was caught between hearing more from the characters of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' Shanna and this other unusual choice, "I'm biding my time until Gabriel Garcia Marquez' modern day Mocondo from One Hundred Years of Solitude. How's that for ecclectic?"

We’d love to know which character’s adventures would you love to see continued even though the original author is no longer writing?

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