Which New Paranormal Historical Romance Should You Be Reading?

This month we noticed a spike in paranormal activity in our historical section. With so many fabulous new tales coming out, we’ve created a quiz to help you find the historical story that will satisfying your particular paranormal craving. Should you be picking up the latest from Amanda Quick or are you in the mood to get bitten by Colleen Gleason’s newest novel? We can help you figure it out with our handy quiz!


Which setting do you prefer to read about?
A) Victorian England
B) Medieval England
C) Regency England
D) Sixteenth Century Scotland

Choose your favorite ‘feature creature’.
A) Psychic
B) Shapeshifter
C) Vampire
D) Fairy

What’s your heroic ‘type’?
A) Paranormal Hunter
B) Cursed Warrior
C) Guardian Vampire
D) Highland Laird

Which heroine do you relate to the most?
A) An independent woman who fights her own battles
B) An innocent lady engaged to another
C) A brave sister protecting her family
D) A magical fairy princess

Which movie do you like the best?
A) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
B) Ladyhawke (1985)
C) Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
D) Willow (1986)


If you choose mostly A’s:


Amanda Quick

Amanda Quick, also known as Jayne Ann Krentz and Jayne Castle, has tapped into a seemingly endless supply of phenomenal characters and plots with her ongoing Arcane Society books. Quicksilver, the second in the Looking Glass trilogy, successfully combines the mystery of the paranormal with the grounding of science. Both heroine and hero have fantastical skills that help them solve crimes and these skills blend seamlessly into each other creating a perfect pairing between “on-the-shelf” Virginia Dean and powerful, yet vulnerable Owen Sweetwater.


If you choose mostly B’s:


Lisa Hendrix
Immortal Champion

After 200 years of being cursed to live as a man by night and a bull by day, Gunnar is desperately lonely. He rescues Lady Eleanor from certain death, but doesn’t expect anything in return. When Eleanor thanks Gunnar with a kiss, both of their lives are forever changed. We’re not suggesting you go kissing bulls, but a handsome warrior with a dark secret may be just what you need to spice up your weekend!


If you choose mostly C’s:


Colleen Gleason
The Vampire Dimitri

Regency miss Maia Woodmore turns to her guardian, the Earl of Corvindale, for help locating her brother. She doesn’t expect to get entangled in a dark and dangerous game of Vampire politics. Add in her forbidden attraction to the Earl despite her engagement to someone else, and you get a romance that is all kinds of wicked. If you chose mostly C’s then we’re betting you’ll enjoy getting bitten in the best of ways by the newest installment of Gleason’s Regency Draculia series.


If you choose mostly D’s:


Debbie Mazzuca
Warrior Of The Isles

Scottish Laird Aidan disliked the fae even before they show up to whisk away his brother. But when Lachlan gets kidnapped while in the Enchanted Isles, Aidan must team up with a fae princess to save his brother. During their quest passion sparks between Aidan and the fae woman, making this stubborn Scot wonder if he’ll have to re-evaluate his stance on the mystical creatures. If you like your warriors sexy, Scottish and groveling, then Aiden is the hero for you. This story may be full of fae but don’t expect a fairy tale!


And if you couldn’t decide which story sounds the best, then you can pick up all four of them. Quicksilver, Immortal Champion and The Vampire Dimitri are available now, and Warrior of the Isles will hit stores on Tuesday May 3rd!