Which One Of Eloisa James' Princesses Are You? Take The Quiz!

With Disney unveiling the newest princess to grace their parks (a strong-willed Scottish lass, no less) and NYT bestselling author Eloisa James releasing her newest romantic fairy tale retelling, Once Upon A Towerwe just can't help it, we are feeling like princesses! So, there couldn’t be a better time to celebrate the romance genre’s pre-eminent princesses, and to kick the party off, we’re asking readers to decide if the crystal slipper would fit upon their well-pedicured foot! We turn to Eloisa and her amazing fairy tale inspired stories to help you decide which fictional royal lady you are most like.


1. You are going out for a night on the town…what is the one accessory you don’t leave home without?

A) I never go out dancing without my Manolos on! 

B) I always carry my iPod. Need my tunes!

C) A mirror to check that everything always looks perfect. 

D) A Red Bull or Five Hour Energy Drink, so I can run rampant all night! 

E) I never leave home without my copy of “The Rules” — I want to make the best impression. 


2. Describe your ideal mate:

A) I’ve always had my eye on Prince Harry — monarchy turns me on.

B) I like a man who knows what he wants and goes for it.

C) I want a man that I can tame!

D) I like him to seem unattainable … but he knows exactly the type of woman he wants to be caught by.

E) He has to have a sense of adventure and be in touch with his wild side. And the more tattoos, the better!


3. What is your ideal romantic evening?

A) He needs to take me out dancing, and spin me under the stars!

B) Bring me to a concert, a symphony or a rave. Let’s get our rhythms in sync!

C) Dim lights, a bottle of wine, and a Jacuzzi. 

D) Join me at the gala benefit for my favorite animal rescue shelter.

E) Let’s set out to sea, just him and me!


4. What word best describes you?

A) Flighty

B) Opinionated

C) Soft-hearted

D) Bawdy

E) Strong-willed


5. Which celebrity would you cast as your leading man?

A) Colin Firth

B) Craig Fergusen 

C) Hugh Laurie

D) Robert Downey Jr.

E) Johnny Depp


Answer Key:

If you answered mostly “As,” you are Kate from A Kiss at Midnight, Eloisa's Cinderella story.

If you answered mostly “Bs,” you are Edi from Once Upon a Tower based on Rapunzel and her glorious hair.

If you answered mostly “Cs,” you are Linette from When Beauty Tamed the Beast, which is the author's ode to Beauty and the Beast, of course.

If you answered mostly “Ds,” you are Olivia from The Duke is Mine, Eloisa's version of the Princess and the Pea.

If you answered mostly “Es,” you are Theo from The Ugly Duchess, because the author knows that beneath every "ugly" duckling, there is a beautiful swan!

Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can pre-order a copy of Once Upon A Tower, releasing May 28, here. And for more historical romance, be sure to check out RT's Everything Romance Page.