Which Paranormal Heroes Make Your Heart Flutter? — With Giveaway!

The paranormal heroes of May swept us off our feet. Their good looks, intriguing backstories and myriad of “super” skills have sparked a heated debate the merits of dating an angel, sorcerer and beyond. Today we are letting these gentlemen face off, so you can decide who you’d want to share your happily ever after with. And if you let us know which man has stolen your heart by leaving a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a paranormal prize pack!


Darkest Caress

by Kaylea Cross

Meet The Man: Daegan Blackwell, naturally magical

His Story: This 2,000-year-old — but very well preserved, if you know what we mean — is "Empowered", one of the last of his kind, a breed of magical people on the brink of extinction.

Why He’s A Winner: Fearless in the quest for his mate, when Daegan meets Olivia he knows that she’s more important than anything else, even if it starts a war that puts his race in danger! (How’s that for a man who knows what he wants?)


Wicked Road To Hell

by Juliana Stone

Meet The Man: Declan O’Hara, Sorcerer

His Story: Declan has been to hell and back, literally. A Seraphim named Bill rescued this magic-worker from a future of fire and brimstone and in return Declan pledged his loyalty to the Seraphim’s League of Guardians.

Why He’s A Winner: Declan’s latest mission brings him face to face with vampire Ana, a fang-tastic woman that Declan thought had been staked. He was half correct, she too has spent time in Hell but now it seems like they work for opposite sides. Yet Declan won’t let a little thing like their divided loyalties keep them from a second chance at love! (Clearly, this is the mark of a true romantic.)



by Kristina Douglas

Meet The Man: Michael, Archangel

His Story: This heavenly avenger is on a quest to free the world from archangel Uriel and the armies of heaven. However, after fighting for so long, he keeps his heart under a protective layer of ice, and is not interested in meeting his mate.

Why He’s A Winner: This heavenly hero isn’t just fighting for the good of humanity; he is willing to go through figurative Hell — walking right into a dark prophecy for us. Now, that’s a real humanitarian. (And it certainly doesn’t hurt that he comes complete with his own sexy wings and a flaming sword.)


Born of Silence

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Meet The Man: Darling Cruel, Alien

His Story: This heir to the Caronese Empire grew up horribly abused by his uncle and took on a secret identity as the masked Sentella warrior Kere. But when the resistance tortures him, it will take a very special woman to win his trust — and his heart.

Why He’s A Winner: Even as a young boy, Darling has always been a protector and despite all he has been through, he is still open to the possibility of love. This makes him the perfect match for a woman with a lot of strength, who may one day be called upon to rule an Empire.


Dark Magic

by James Swain

Meet The Man: Peter Warlock, Psychic Magician

His Story: During a weekly séance, Peter and his friends predict the coming destruction of New York. As he attempts to avert fate, Peter also struggles with his personal relationships and tries to understand his true self.

Why He’s A Winner: No matter what gets thrown at this man, he keeps on going, working to make the world a better and more safe place. Plus, as a psychic, Peter will always know when he should send you flowers!


GIVEAWAY ALERT: So which of these paranormal potential mates makes your heart flutter? Let us know in the comments below and be entered to win a fantastic surprise set of recently released paranormal and urban fantasy stories! Alternatively you can e-mail your response here along with your address to be entered to win. U.S. addresses only please. Winners will be announced May 30th.

BLOG UPDATE 5/30/2012: The winner is BlackwaterMama

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