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Which Self-Published Novel Is Right For You? Take The Quiz

It’s summer and not only is the weather heating up, but so are the self-pub books that are hot off the presses! If you need a good read to tote along to the beach, have we got some great titles for you. Take RT’s self-pub quiz to discover what should be next on your TBR list this season.


1. On a typical day, you would enjoy:

A) Working on your pianoforte skills

B) Conjuring up a love spell

C) Kicking some … er, butt

D) Getting in lots of billable hours

E) Acting as a mentor to a teen in need


2. If you arranged your bookshelves by theme, you’d most likely have one dedicated to:

A) How to Get Your Man

B) The Otherworldly

C) The Pleasure in Pain

D) Teenage Dreams

E) Giving Back to the Community


3. Your signature scent is best described as:

A) English Rose

B) Bewitching

C) Dark and Spicy

D) City Chic

E) Captivating


4. The one movie you always reach for on a rainy Sunday is:

A) Sixteen Candles. Even if he wasn’t as good looking as Jake Ryan, it always reminds you of your high school crush.

B) Practical Magic. Spells, curses and romance all add up to one delightful movie.

C) Secretary. Because some days you wish you worked for James Spader. He seems to be quite the taskmaster.

D) The Horse Whisperer. You’ve always had a soft spot for animals.

E) A Life Less Ordinary. Ewan McGregor could come steal you away any day!


5. On a lunch date, you’d most likely:

A) Request a spot of tea.

B) Conjure up something yummy.

C) Plan to have your date for dessert.

D) Order a refreshing mint julep.

E) Wrap up leftovers – waste not, want not.


If you chose mostly A’s … You always root for a lady get her man and her pleasure. Delilah Marvelle's historical, Lady of Pleasure, hits all the right notes: Lady Caroline is just crazy in love with her older brother’s best friend, Caldwell, and she’s not about to wait around for him to notice her anymore. She’s going to take action and get the man she’s always wanted. If you like take charge ladies, then this is the one for you!




If you chose mostly B’s … You’re not afraid of taking a journey to find the romance of your dreams, so why not take a step inside the world of Columbyana? The latest book in this paranormal series by Linda Winstead JonesBride by Midnight, features Lyssa Tempest, a young woman who must marry before her 23rd birthday or be doomed to spend the rest of her life alone. On her hunt for a man, she comes across the enthralling Blade Renshaw. And she discovers that he’s not just any man. He’s the man. If you still haven’t found what you’re searching for, than this is the one you’ve been missing.



If you chose mostly C’s … You naughty girl. You’re looking to take a walk on the wild side, and Kit Rocha’s Beyond Control is almost too hot to handle. Lex Parrino will act as no man’s slave, not even for the leader of Sector Four, Dallas O’Kane. But will dominant Dallas settle for anything less than total submission? It’s a battle destined to go up in flames — and you’re ready to feel the heat.





If you chose mostly D’s ... How about immersing yourself in a story about a city girl on the run who finds some country loving? That’s the premise of Kathleen Brooks’ Bluegrass State of Mind. McKenna Mason, a NYC attorney, and her teenage crush, Will Ashton, now a race horse farm owner, just may have a chance at winning the cup of love — if her ex-boyfriend doesn’t kill her first. A contemporary romance with some thrills and chills? You’re in!




If you chose mostly E’s … Then it’s the tale of a Kidnapped Cowboy that you’re craving. This ensnaring tale by Lindsey Brookes will leave you wanting to capture your own hot stud — especially if he’s anything like the delectable Dalton Barnes. To convince a stubborn cowboy to open a retreat for wayward teens instead of a vacation getaway for the wealthy, Caitlin Myers would do anything. But when she bags Dalton, the wrong brother, she gets a whole lot more than she ever bargained for. This is one story you won’t hesitate to get caught up in.



Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can find all these books and more available online now. And for other digital reads, be sure to check out RT's Everything E-Books Page.