Whitney's Five Reasons To Check Out Stephen King's "Mile 81"

In honor of bestselling author Stephen King's e-exclusive short story "Mile 81" hits stores today, I am wrapping up my top five reasons why this is a must-read.

1) It's writen by Stephen King. (In case you've been living on Mars, or have simply never picked up one of his novels, he's beloved for his sometimes horrifying, often terrifying and frequently mind-bending tales. And what better way to test the proverbial waters than with an e-short?)

2) I've been hooked on all things King since the Syfy channel's Haven — which is based on King's The Colorado Kid — came on the air. But I've been holding off on reading that story because I don't want to ruin the surprises the series has in store. So this makes the author's new e-short the perfect way to satisfy my need for "more King," without ever accidentally learning something about the series that I don't want to know until I see it happen on screen. 

3) "Mile 81" is set at an abandoned rest stop in Maine. I grew up right outside of Boston, MA, and my family spent many of vacations in the Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont area. So all I need to hear is "abandoned rest stop" and those three words have me conjuring up all of the horrible things that I heard could happen there when I was little: you could get abducted, you could fall down a well, you could be eaten by wild dogs. (Okay, so my parents never actually told me that any of those things would happen, but I was pretty sure that they would. All at the same time.)

4) The publisher has set the price for "Mile 81" at $2.99. So you can find it online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or any other e-retailer. And that's less than a breakfast combo at Dunkin' Donuts — so it's budget friendly.

5) The last reason to pick up "Mile 81" (as if you need another, right?) is that the story will also include an excerpt of 11/22/63. This is the next full-length tale from the author and is slated to be released in one month and seven days (not that I'm counting or anything) is about a contemporary high school teacher who heads back to 1958 to try to stop JFK's assassination. And I'm completely behind saving the life of one of the most handsome presidents we've ever had — with that premise King has my full attention!

So I want to know, why do you want to check out Stephen King's  "Mile 81"?