Win Big With Your Favorite Halloween Costume!

Morgan and I both adore Halloween — you can't go wrong with costumes and candy. And whether you start planning your costume early, are a last minute costume maven or just enjoy seeing everyone else take part, it's hard to ignore the festivities that kick off the winter holiday season. So this Halloween we are celebrating with a special contest. Share your favorite costume below for a chance to win some awesome prizes! 

Why the contest? Because we believe that readers have a special advantage over everyone else when it comes time to plan costumes. All of the hours that we spend reading gives us experience with many different cultures, time periods and characters to fuel our imaginations. And whether you are putting together the perfect vampire ensemble, rocking out a superhero style, or are taking your cues from pop culture, Halloween encourages us to be whatever our hearts' desire — or at least dress like it for an evening.

I polled the office to find out what everyone's favorite costumes were of past Halloweens. It surprised me to learn that the office favs were all inanimate objects brought to life for the holiday. RT's managing editor, Liz, was a cuckoo clock and Stephanie, RT's senior editor and reviews co-ordinator, celebrated as a bunch of grapes. RT senior editor, Elissa, once won a Halloween parade in her hometown for being a particularly realistic shopping bag. The head of RT's art department went as a pushpin several years ago, and was revising his costume to serve as an iPhone. 

Personally, I love the effort it takes to put together a group costume. My all-time favorite Halloween spotting ever? A fully tricked out Ghostbusters van which had a slew of fans pop out in all their Ghostbuster-y (and ghostly) glory! Morgan also enjoys the coordinated group costume. Her favorite Halloween is pictured below. She and some family members went as the cast of the Wizard of Oz!

So in honor of this frightfully awesome holiday, post your favorite costume idea (extra points for added details!) in the comments below — or email your photos here — and be entered to win some prizes!

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BLOG UPDATE 11/19/2010: And the winners are ... Penfield, CrookedGoose and Lindsey E.