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This is the last of the three giveaways of the signed novels that RT Executive Editor Faygie Levy brought back from this year's national RWA conference. Today you have a chance to win a pair of signed romance novels. If you are the lucky winner, you will be receiving a signed copy of the contemporary romance How To Knit A Love Song by Rachael Herron and a signed copy of Sophie Jordan's historical novel, Sins Of A Wicked DukeIn honor of this giveaway, RT's Whitney Sullivan chatted with Rachael Herron and Sophie Jordan to get a behind the scenes look at their novels and find out what they are working on now!


 Whitney Sullivan: What's something you love about the process of writing contemporary romances?

Rachael Herron: What I love about the process is the actual process itself. I love sitting down every day and diving into the story, getting to spend time in a town that I created myself. I love the people in the town, and I get to move them around paper, making them fall in love. It’s like a great magic trick!

WS: Can you share a detail that you know about one of your characters that did not make it into How To Knit A Love Song?

RH: Eliza Carpenter loved to fish and was better at it than any man in the county. Every time she went fishing, the other fishers gathered to watch because the fish practically leapt into her lap. 

WS: Your hero, Cade, is as cranky as he is good looking. How did you keep him teetering on the edge of obnoxious behavior without him ever toppling over?

RH: The answer is: I didn’t. In the first draft, he was horrible. Everyone who read the draft hated him, and I didn’t understand why, because even though he was a jerk, I could see into his heart (but I hadn’t put that clearly on the page). In the next draft, I showed all his emotions and his vulnerabilities, and my agent told me that while he was likable, I’d also turned him into a woman. I had to go back and add some obstreperousness in order to get him just right.

WS: Abigail is a knitter (just like you) can you share a tip or trick for new knitters or those who have yet to pick up the needles?

RH: Just like I try to finish my writing day when I know what’s going to happen next (so I’m not stuck when I come back to the page), I like to put my knitting down knowing where I am in the pattern. If I get to a tricky section and set it down, the chances that I’ll never come back are increased. It’s easier to cast on for something new than it is to figure where you were in a project that you set down six months ago. 

WS: Can you give our readers an insider's peek into your next upcoming novel with a detail from the story that we can keep our eyes open for?

RH: Right at the beginning of How To Knit A Heart Back Home, Lucy has to save someone we care about from the first book, and when I say Lucy just barely manages to snatch her from the jaws of certain death, I’m not overstating it. And let's hope that Owen holsters that gun! He can get a little trigger-happy.


 Whitney Sullivan: What's something you love about the process of writing historical romances?

Sophie Jordan: I think it’s the same reason I’m drawn to period-set movies. There is something so captivating about regency-set/Victorian-set historicals. There was such beauty in that glittering society, such hope and romance. Such manners! Even when angry, the characters speak so eloquently!  

WS:  Can you share a detail that you know about one of your characters that did not make it into Sins Of A Wicked Duke?

SJ: Fallon’s two best friends, Evie and Marguerite, get their own books. In fact, Evie’s book is already out and it’s called In Scandal They Wed. There are several things that come out about Evie and Marguerite that aren’t revealed in Sins Of A Wicked Duke – clearly. Sins Of A Wicked Duke is Fallon’s book, after all. But I’ll share a detail about Marguerite that comes out later … her natural father is one of the wealthiest and most notorious men in London!  Basically, he’s the king of the London underworld.

WS: Your heroine, Fallon, takes a job disguised as a male footman, what were some of the details that you used to help Fallon appear to be a man in both looks and mannerism?

SJ: It was important that Fallon passing herself as a man be plausible, so I made sure she was a tall female, and not delicate. Oh, and she did cut her hair off. If she was going to thrust herself into the role of a man, I didn’t think she would do it in half measure. The hair had to go!

WS: Your hero and heroine both have dark secrets in their past, what is something that stayed with you about this couple even after you finished writing their story?

SJ: Both my hero and heroine were abused as children. Ironically, the hero may have been the most tormented. Even though he was a duke, he suffered abuse at the hands of an overzealous nanny. It just made me ponder that even wealthy and seemingly popular people can have a dark and tortured past. Money doesn’t buy everything.

WS: Can you share a detail from your next upcoming historical novel that our readers can keep their eyes open for?

SJ: My next book, Wicked Nights With A Lover, is a story I’ve wanted to write for a long time, but I didn’t know how to make it work in a historical context. Well, I finally figured out how to do it! My heroine, Marguerite (introduced in Sins Of A Wicked Duke as one of Fallon’s best friends), learns that she has less than a year to live. I won’t tell you why she comes to this conclusion. That’s giving away too much, but she has every reason to believe this to be her fate. I’ve often wondered what I would do if something like this happened to me. It wasn’t the easiest book I’ve ever written, to be sure – that’s something heavy hanging over the heroine. But Marguerite’s book was one hell of an adventure to write. Oh, and sexy!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: One lucky winner will receive signed copies of Sins Of A Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan and How To Knit A Love Song by Rachael Herron. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post about why you love romance novels or e-mail here with your comment, mailing address, and the subject line "A Pair Of Romance Novels Giveaway.” One entry per person, please. The contest winners will be revealed on August 30th.  

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