Witches of East End Recap: 2.6 — "When a Mandragora Loves a Woman"

All right, all right, WOEE fans! This episode has lots of resolution as we deal with Tentacle Man, kill off a favorite character (of mine) and ogle some accessories. Let’s get to it!

Hudson, Ingrid’s co-worker and Buffy alum (Andrew!), is at the library, shelving books during the off hours. He finds Ingrid all blissed out on the floor. She tells him he’s been chosen, which he quickly determines is not a good thing as Tentacle Man — who shall now be known as the mandragora — wiggles his blue tentacles and thrusts them into Hudson’s brain. Not good.

Wendy, Jo and Alex are mixing up a (bug-filled) potion to stop the mandragora and bring Ingrid out of her trance. To up the difficulty factor, the potion needs to be inserted directly into her brain. They still need to sever the connection between Ingrid and the mandragora, and they need the spellbook at Fairhaven to do it. Freya volunteers.

Is that three roaches, or four?


Killian’s tending bar and reading minds, which, all we all know from that Buffy episode is not as cool as it sounds.

Wendy, Jo, Alex and Freddy are hunting for Ingrid and the mandragora when they come upon poor, wounded Hudson at the library, who tells them it didn’t work, he wasn’t worthy. Apparently the mandragora wanted to wear his skin, but it didn’t fit. Iw. (Let’s also not dwell on the fact that the mandragora doesn’t try to wear anyone else’s skin, like Dash’s, who is taller. The mandragora makes no sense. Just go with it.) He’s marked with the king’s symbol and he doesn’t look too hot. Don’t die on us, Hudson!

Jo and Alex come upon a passed out Ingrid, and Jo manages to stab her in the head with the potion. Ow. Ingrid comes to and is (understandably) freaked out. They send her running as the mandagora looms. (You can kinda see his peen! I am 12.)

Dash wakes up with black ooze leaking from his ears. Freya’s at the door, all conciliatory.

Freddy’s trying to help Andrew as Wendy fights with him. Still untrusting of our newest beefcake, she kicks him out.

Killian’s pouring drinks at home for Eva, and he tells her about the voices. Why can’t he hear her thoughts, so he can find out she’s evil (I assume) and get back with Freya? It’s so obvious, even Killian notices! She distracts him with sex.

Alex is still channeling her L&O roots as she and Jo continue the mandragora hunt in the library, when aiiii his tentacles get her! Seriously, this is super disturbing. Jo tries to wake Alex up when tentacles come her way.

Ingrid makes it home and is understandably freaking out about all the mandragora loving she’s been unknowingly enjoying.

Dash is being a weirdo as Freya tries to get help for Ingrid. He makes her admit she made out with Killian. She asks for the spellbook, and he attacks her.

Real talk with RT’s Mala.

Wendy’s tending to Hudson and all I can focus on is her killer manicure. (I was watching Twin Peaks this weekend — did you remember that Mädchen Amick was in that? Awesome then, awesome now. Anyway!) Ingrid shows up, feeling terrible about how Hudson’s dying. Wendy assures Ingrid she was under a spell and it wasn’t her fault. Ingrid and Hudson have a heart to heart, and then he dies! Noooo! C’mon, show!

Pretty sure you only have nails like this if you’re playing a witch on a Lifetime show.

A post-coital Eva pours a potion into some coffee, which she hands to Killian. He drinks it even though she’s super shady about what it is and why she’s always making him drink stuff. Back to the sex!

Freya’s running from Dash and ends up in the attic. She finds the loose board and unearths the spellbook. (She’s also wearing a killer pair of toe-less boots that I do not understand but still like on other people.) Dash beats at the door as she copies the spell and texts it. (“Why is he being such a dick?” my husband asks. I tell him about the mandragora molestation. He’s unimpressed.) Freya too tells Dash that it’s the mandragora who has made him so scary as he tries to strangle her. They magic fight. Dash calls her white trash. Not nice! She manages to stab him in the brain with the potion, and he’s nice again.

A close approximation of the boots. I ogle.

Jo and Alex wake up in the library, mysteriously feeling fine. They run for the door, but are stuck in a weird maze. Alex calls Jo on her refusal to talk about Victor, which, hello! Thank you! Seems Jo pushed Alex away because of The Curse.

Heart to heart mid-mandragora hunt.

Wendy, Ingrid and Freddy are concocting the spell Freya texted when Freya and Dash show up. Ingrid and Dash bond until she collapses, saying that the mandragora is coming for her.

This show.

Eva and Killian continue their sex marathon. She pours hot wax on him. The wax forms a symbol — the kings’ symbol? I’m not sure because it moves and I don’t know that much about symbols, I’mma be honest. Then … say it with me, they have sex again!

Back at the homestead they have the potion ready as the mandragora arrives. They have to cover Ingrid in the oil and light her on fire. Ingrid is freaked out. Wendy goes after the mandragora. Stay safe, girl! (Her shoes are also killer, yet I cannot find a picture for you despite a long search. LE SIGH.) A tentacle grabs her and yanks her toward the closet.

Downstairs, the spell worked! Freddy rushes upstairs and saves Wendy, slaying the mandragora. Wendy thanks him, but there’s no hug, so I’m guessing she still doesn’t trust him.

Jo and Alex sense the monster’s dead and make for the exit.

Eva’s takes a break from her sex marathon to soap opera exposit that she’s trying to get knocked up. Women!

Freya thanks Freddy for saving Wendy — and Jo (remember when she was poisoned?! This has been a busy season). Jo and Alex rush in, and they drink some beer to celebrate.


Jo apologizes to Alex for dumping her back in the day and they kiss. Wendy sees! Alex leaves, but it feels like not for good.

Freddy’s jumping in the shower (Shirtless Freddy!) when he has another seizure, so it’s like, not at all sexy. He says, “I’m sorry, I’ll find another way, grandfather.”

Dun dun dun!

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