Witches Of East End Recap: Episode 1.5 - "Electric Avenue"

Witches of East End has definitely hit its stride, and this week’s episode had some laughs, some tears and some sexytimes. Ready for the recap?

Wendy’s checking on a sad Ingrid; it’s Adam’s funeral today. Wendy offers to go with her niece, but Ingrid’s not going. Ingrid blames herself, because, say it with me, of the repercussions of the unnecessary resurrection spell. Ingrid just wants to grieve in her own way. (She may be sad, but her hair looks fantastic.) We find out why she doesn’t have sad hair when she closes the door and smiles at: hey, Adam!

Penelope and Freya are ogling a vintage dress found by some workers on the estate.

Freya’s at work with her new coworker Killian. A blonde is checking our guy out. And oh! It’s Elyse! Dash’s first fiancée, who slept with Killian too.


Say it with us: Dun dun dun!

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Rachel and “Adam” are canoodling. Adam needs to get back to work, but Ingrid convinces him to stay ensconced in her room. They kiss and their lips spark. Adam does want to get back to his life. Ingrid tells him he’s actually dead. It’s as hard for him to hear as it is for us to remember. We love you, Adam! Realizing the truth: That he’s dead and Ingrid’s a witch, he bolts.

Freya’s trying on the vintage dress and trying to call Dash. Wendy wanders in and freaks. She flashes back to a past Ingrid (Man this show gets complicated sometimes! Soap operas!) wearing the very same wedding dress as she falls to her death. Wendy zips the dress off Freya and sets it on fire. Freya is upset about the dress — and Elyse. Although we have a very hard time to believe that Jenna Dewan-Tatum could ever be threatened by another woman. She pretty.

Wendy, finding a wedding dress is hard enough as it is!

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In court, Mrs. Murder Victim is giving her statement. Only now she can’t remember her story, and she’s not sure she saw Johanna do it, after all. Freaked out, she goes to pour a glass of water, but it’s filled with WORMS. Yick. And hey, Joanna’s off the hook! No witness, no case.

Ingrid joins Adam at the edge of his funeral. Adam’s gobsmacked. Ingrid tells him his life doesn’t have to be over, she conjured his spirit. No one else can see him. Adam takes this all surprisingly well.

The calmest man in all of recent afterlife.

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Elyse is still lurking at the bar, ogling Killian. This is how you know Elyse is bad news: her hair is one million times worse than everyone else’s. And now I understand why Killian hasn’t noticed her lurking: because when Freya tells him she’s talking to Elyse, and Killian drops the bomb: Elyse is dead. DUN DUN DUN!

Harrison, Wendy and Joanna are toasting Joanna’s freedom. Jo wants Wendy to swear she had nothing to do with Mrs. Murder Victim’s sudden amnesia — memory spells are dangerous and irreversible, after all. Wendy storms out. Harrison smirks, and, whoa, says he loves her, kinda? Jo wants a favor.

Freya stalks into the house, asking Wendy if ghosts are real. Wendy, forever our favorite, “Yeah, of course.” And then this happens:

Freya: Okay, so there’s witches, there’s ghosts. Are there vampires?

Wendy: Don’t be ridiculous.

All the hearts, Wendy!

Apparently, ghosts are rare, and they generally stay in the spirit world. But not Elyse! Turns out she killed herself after Dash dumped her. Freya’s upset that Dash never told her any of this. Wendy’s wondering how Elyse even got back from the spirit world to bother Freya in the first place unless someone opened the spirit door …

Our girl Wendy realizes what Ingrid’s been up to. Wendy tells Ingrid that she’s got to let Adam go, and if he doesn’t cross over by the full moon tonight, then he’ll be stuck forever. And Ingrid knew! Bad girl! Wendy schools Ingrid that being stuck together for eternity, ghost and witch, is not what’s best for them. Ingrid kicks them out.

Ghost nookie.

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Whoa, Joanna and Harrison are in bed. Wocka wocka. Get it, girl! Then she boots him. Harsh, Jo.

Dash is at work. Elyse comes to apologize to him, but he can’t see her, though she does make the computer wonky. Freya shows up and oh, snap! Dash tells Freya that he knew Elyse wasn’t the one for him, and he was more hurt by Killian stealing his girl than her betrayal. Elyse does not look pleased by this revelation. But as Freya and Dash kiss, Elyse says, “He’s not the one I came for.”

Mrs. Murder Victim is wigging out in the woods, seeing bugs everywhere. Not good. Joanna tries to help her, but she just screams.

Wendy’s planting plants at night, as one does. Freya is freaking out, worried that Elsye will hurt Killian. Wendy says ghosts can’t really do anything but manipulate electricity. Joanna confronts Wendy about Mrs. Victim, who’s now in the mental ward, totally bonkers. Wendy’s not pleased by the accusations, pointing out Joanna’s recent murder of 1.0. Joanna older sisters that that was totally different. Wendy dislikes the double standard.

Freya’s at the bar, trying to figure out how to save Killian. It’s closing time, and sparks start to fly (literal sparks this time, folks). Elyse evil villains that she always loved Killian, even though after he finally slept with her, her dumped her. Elyse wants to kill him, so she can take him with her to the spirit world. Girl, he’s gonna dump you on the other side too! Harsh truths from your friendly recapper: He’s just not that into you. Elyse shorts the fuses and when Killian flips the light switch, despite Freya’s warning, he gets electrocuted.

He’s rushed to the hospital, where Dash, in the grand tradition of soap doctors everywhere, works on his own brother. They revive him. But still Elyse lingers.

Ingrid confesses to Adam, telling him how she killed him via spell. Because he’s perfect, he forgives her. Turns out, he knows his window to the spirit world is closing. They talk about what to do. It’s so early for a ghost commitment. This is weird, you guys.

Joanna and Wendy make up. Jo fesses up about Harrison nookie. Wendy is delighted. Joanna says it was awesome, and then she wigged out. Love girl talk. Super enjoy seeing female friendships on TV. Go Lifetime! Wendy admits she does feel bad about Mrs. Victim’s insanity, and Joanna promises to help.

Freya’s sitting by Killian’s bed when he wakes up. Say it with me … they stare longingly at each other. (I’m totally making up a bingo card for the season finale.) Freya tries to convince Elyse to return to the spirit world.

Joanna and Ingrid talk. Jo doesn’t have a lot of words of motherly wisdom. Sniff, Adam is Ingrid’s first love. Joanna promises that past Ingrids have loved, and so will future ones. So with future potential nookie in mind, Adam and Ingrid head to his gravesite. SNIFF. He doesn’t want to go, he’s going to watch over her. DOUBLE SNIFF.

Meanwhile, Freya’s helping Elyse cross over. Elyse tells Freya they’re a lot alike — both into both brothers.

And woosh, off go the ghosts. Bye, Adam! We’ll miss you!

Wendy and Joanna visit Mrs. Victim, who’s happily gardening — only in her mind’s eye, because she’s in a mental hospital.

Ingrid visits Adam’s grave, and then walks past her own grave, from the past. Creepy.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s episode! What did you think? We thought it was an awful lot of fun, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!