Witches of East End Recap - Episode 1.7 "Unburied"

We’re really getting into the thick of it on the Witches of East End. This episode sees the shapeshifter revealed, and our girl Wendy gets some bad news. Good thing there’s more shirtless Freddie Prinze Jr. to cheer us up! (And the less said of the promo for the Flowers in the Attic TV movie, the better, hmm?)

We open on Wendy writhing (not in a good way), tied to a chair. She’s pleading with an angry looking Ingrid, who thrusts her hand into Wendy’s chest, Temple of Doom style.

Cut to … 24 hours earlier!

Freya’s finishing up inventory at the bar and, of course, Killian’s there to help. It’s hot in there — literally, not Nelly style. Killian wipes a bead of sweat off of Freya’s arm, and I know it sounds gross, but he does it while — say it with me — gazing longingly at her. They make out.


Sweat beads can’t gross out people this attractive.

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But don’t get mad because Freya wakes up, waking Dash too. (Freya apparently has a large abundance of gorgeous nightgowns. Lucky Channing.) Seems Dash is used to her sleep talk, and he says he’ll listen closer next time.

At home later, Freya is looking for a spell to quell her sleep talking. She confesses to Ingrid that she kissed Killian at her engagement party. Ingrid promises help cast a dream control spell, they just need some ingredients. Like hair. Iw.

Wendy reports that she and Johanna destroyed the wall of deadly branches in the Fairhaven catacombs. (You guys, this show is getting wild, right? I feel like that’s a bunch of crazy sentences I just typed in a row, but they’re all correct.)

Ingrid’s at work hanging with Andrew from Buffy, wondering if she has a darkness inside. A cute yet abrupt guy asks for help and Ingrid snaps at him, because she discovered her evvvvil side last week.

At the bar, Freya wants to know if Killian’s going to the library fundraiser Penelope is in charge of. Killian apparently has to go, because all of the sudden he does what his mother asks? Freya non sequiturs into criticizing Killian’s hair, so she can con him into letting her cut it. He squirms. They repeat some dream dialogue, and it wigs Freya out. They banter, and, yes, stare, but Doctor Amy interrupts before they get any closer. Freya hurriedly picks up some of Killian’s hair and drizzles it into a bottle to cast her spell. Then, SQUICK, she drinks it.

Ingrid is still dealing with the repercussions of her memory spell from last week. And she’s figured out that she and Freya always die young. Johanna admits this is true, and launches into a carpe diem speech, but Ingrid runs off in the midst of Jo’s pep talk.

Johanna 2.0 is at the graveyard, resurrecting satanic cult Ingrid, whom shall be referred to as Past Ingrid from here on out. (I know. I just report the facts, folks.)

We already knew she was going to be bad: her hair looks terrible.

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And whoa, 2.0 drops her disguise and reveals herself to be Penelope! (And you thought you had MIL problems.) Penelope further reveals that she is really Athena, Archibald’s daughter, just as I thought! Score one for the recapper.

Okay, so, turns out Past Ingrid isn’t really alive, Penelope cast a spell to make Past Ingrid look normal, but only for a day or two. It seems Wendy stole something from Archibald back in the day, and Penelope wants Past Ingrid to get it back: a golden snake with a tail that looks like a key. In return, Past Ingrid can kill Wendy.

And hey, it’s Freddie Prinze Jr.! He’s in a field bug hunting, and Wendy shows up to apologize for using him and stealing his butterfly. (Not a euphemism.) They kiss. And oh! Past Ingrid is glowering from the bushes.

It’s Penelope’s library event. Ingrid’s mingling, then wanders off to shelve some books (a librarian’s work …). A guy we’ve never seen before hits on our girl. She turns him down, and he gets handsy. She sues to spell to rebuff him, but then the abrupt guy from the other day saves her. Ingrid runs off.

Penelope/Athena/Johanna 2.0

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Dash shows up at the event. He just got invited to a conference in London, and he wants Freya to come with him. She’s thrilled.

I mean, it’s no wonder two swoony brothers are fighting over her, right?

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Doctor Amy ain’t no scrub, as she’s asking Killian what’s going on between him and Freya. He denies, denies, denies. But then Freya pulls him into the stacks and tells him that she has a feeling something bad is going to happen — and her intuition is never wrong. They talk about their kiss, because why not, it’s not like they’re in a crowded public place or anything. But, d’oh! Dash was on the other side of the stacks, and he looks like he heard everything.

A post-coital Wendy answers the door at Freddie’s to find a Past Ingrid lying her pants off about how Johanna’s been hurt. Past Ingrid says the only way to save her is to use the snake key. Our girl Wendy catches on right quick that Ingrid isn’t Ingrid, but Past Ingrid is quicker and magic-hurls her down the stairs.

Wendy’s tied to that chair we saw earlier. Past Ingrid reveals her true identity, and tells Wendy she wants the snake key, aka the serpents clavum. Wendy says it was destroyed hundreds of years ago. Past Ingrid tortures Wendy.

Present Ingrid runs into abrupt guy, whose name is Mike. This time she is gracious. He seems nice, until spooky music plays and we see that he’s looking at the blueprint for Fairhaven.

Freya’s frantically looking for Dash, who disappeared during the fundraiser. Killian hasn’t seen him. Dash walks into the bar and punches Killian in the face! BOOM! (We liked that more than we should have.)

Freddie comes looking for Wendy, telling Jo how she ran out of his apartment. Jo is worried. She casts a locator spell, which I totally remember from Buffy, right? (Did Ingrid’s coworker Andrew help them?)

Dash is packing to go to London — alone. He did in fact overhear Freya and Killian, and he is mad.

Wendy still won’t talk, so Past Ingrid says she’ll just kill her. Nine lives Wendy is unimpressed until she hears that Ingrid’s going to just keep killing her until all her lives are gone. No dummy, now Wendy’s ready to apologize, killing her in 1906 was all a mistake, see? Past Ingrid’s not buying it, and oh! There goes another one of Wendy’s lives. Jo shows up and casts a death spell (one assumes). Past Ingrid protests that Jo doesn’t kill people, Jo bad asses: “But you’re already dead.”

The ladies debrief as they wait for Wendy to wake up. Ta da!

We want that robe.

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Freya’s having her inventory dream again, only this time she kicks Killian out. He dream protests: “None of this is what you think!”

Joanna has dealt Freya’s tarot cards, despite earlier misgivings. Apparently there’s a shroud around Freya’s future, not because she always dies young, but because Freya hasn’t yet made her choice, between the trickster and the emperor, one dark and one light. Brothers. But who is who? Joanna says it’s not as obvious as it seems, and prophesies: one man is your soul mate, the other your destroyer.

Wendy tells Joanna the shifter is looking for the serpents clavum. Jo swears it was destroyed. Apparently it’s a key to a portal, a door they swear will never open again. But Wendy thinks it can’t just be a coincidence that the deadly branches were guarding said door.

But then, more terribleness: Jo notices that Wendy’s normally emerald necklace is red. This is her last life! Say it ain't so!

Jo’s digging in the garden, late at night, as one does. She magics open a box. And, oooh, inside is the snake key!

What’d you think? Getting wild, right? Only two episodes left til the finale, folks!