Witches of East End Recap - Episode 1.8 "Snake Eyes"

Well, Witches of East End fans, we’ve received a second season pick up! So fear not that there are only two episodes left after this one. Let’s get to it, because the drama’s running high and there are a ton of revelations this episode …

Ingrid and Freya are at the bar discussing Johanna’s tarot revelation: that one brother will be Freya’s soul mate, the other her destroyer. They try to decide who’s who. Our guy Dash is still in London, incommunicado. Freya’s bartending away her worries by giving patrons little potions with their cocktails. (Would totally go to that bar.)

Penelope is at Fairhaven, bringing bouquets of flowers back to life, as one does. She’s also writing Freya a note.

You should hug your non-evil MIL this Thanksgiving, no?

Johanna shows Wendy the portal key, aka the serpent’s clavum, which she never destroyed. Wendy is not pleased. Jo refuses to get rid of it — it’s the only connection to their home.

Ingrid’s at work, and Mike is back! He’s allegedly writing a historical novel set in East End and he wants our girl’s help. We’re pretty sure there’s more to the story, or he wouldn’t be getting so much air time.

Killian’s at the bar with Freya. She is not so happy with him. Doctor Amy overhears their fight. Ruh roh.

Johanna’s painting, because that’s a normal thing to do when there’s a shapeshifter stalking you and the key to the portal to other universes just sitting on your kitchen table. Sure! Wendy wants to get rid of it. She reminds Jo about how it destroyed their father. Jo is only willing to bury it— because she wants to see Fredrick again. WHO IS FREDRICK? Jo stalks off and Wendy reaches for the snake key. BE CAREFUL, WENDY! It reaches out and bites her, then wraps itself around her wrist like a really fetching bracelet. WENDY!

Jo rushes in to help her sister. Apparently Wendy wasn’t supposed to look in the snake’s eyes. It’s a powerful vessel of pure evil. How did Wendy not go through all her nine lives already?! Girl is reckless. Jo runs to get the spell book and Wendy’s eyes turn to black. NOT GOOD.

Wendy and her now-red necklace are stressing us out.


Doctor Amy proves that she’s smart by breaking up with Killian, because of his super obvious thing for Freya. A creepy guy with freaky eyes delivers Freya the flowers Penelope brought back to life. But the card isn’t signed, so Freya thinks they’re from Dash. But then she gets stuck by a thorn that gets sucked into her finger. I know, but look:

These flowers are never mentioned again this episode. Despite my shouting at the television about them.


Mike finally fesses up that he’s actually researching occult activities in East End. Ingrid demurs, but Barb spills the beans about Ingrid’s dissertation on witchcraft, and also the google fertility spell.

Jo’s finally found a spell to help Wendy. But the venom’s getting to Wendy, who now wants to use the key to go home, maybe it’s safe by now. Get ready for a bunch of snake-induced backstory: Jo reminds Wendy that their father banished them to this world when he came into power, and he said if they ever returned to Asgaard he’d kill them. But Wendy thinks maybe he’s changed! (Girl, they never change.) She has one life left, and she wants to go home. Jo locks Wendy in with magic, so you know it’s serious.

Penelope shows up at the bar to go to lunch with Killian, but instead she ends up taking a now-sick Freya home.

Wendy’s getting mean as coat arms hold her in place (yes, really, we’ll just go with it). Turns out Fredrick is Jo’s son! And she left him behind in Asgaard. Jo protests that he wouldn’t come, he was turned against his mother.

Freya’s at Fairhaven and Penelope’s giving her tea. Freya can’t feel her arms, then she passes out on the floor. Penelope chants nefariously.

Mike is still lurking at the library. He believes witches are real, and he’s writing his next novel about them. He believes that witches came from Asgaard! And the door is in East End, says Mike, who learned this from his crazy dad’s research. He’s even got an old map of Asgaard. Very convenient, Mike. Very convenient.

Wendy attacks Jo. She’s trying to kill her immortal sister and the snake key is giving her all sorts of ideas and info, like about Jo’s husband, who left her. He’s apparently alive and close by! Jo says he chooses to stay away. Wendy says that’s probably because she left Fredrick behind — and because it’s Jo’s fault that the girls are cursed.

Penelope’s chanting over a passed out Freya and … stealing her essence? Dash dashes in and Penelope shrieks for him to call 911. Dash Pulp Fictions Freya and saves our girl. Apparently he came back from London to call off the wedding officially. But when he saw her nearly die, he changed his mind. (No, no one mentions the flowers.)

Well this can’t be good.


Wendy and Jo are brawling. Wendy’s got the upper hand and is strangling her sister. The door flies open and Jo uses the distraction to stab Wendy’s hand and destroy the snake’s key.

Call us skeptics, but we doubt that’s the last we’ll hear of portal keys.


Dash is obsessively checking on Freya, because, all the hearts, Dash! He goes to take a shower and Freya tries to start a fire, but her powers don’t work. Seems Penelope sucked the magic right outta her!

Jo and Wendy are recovering from their episode-long brawl. Jo weeps over the fact that by destroying the key, she’ll never see her son again. The sisters hug and make up. Ingrid comes home to a trashed house. She asks them about Asgaard, and tells them about Mike and all his questions. Jo tells her to stay away from Mike, so now we know that will never happen. Freya shows up and tells them her powers are gone.

Seriously, the best part of this show (aside from the abs) is the female friendships. Go Lifetime! (We mean that in all sincerity.)


Penelope makes a thunderstorm appear and evilly thanks Freya for her powers. Mwa ha ha.

So that’s it, folks! We’ve got two episodes left this season! I feel a portal door is going to open soon. And Wendy get better her lives back. We shall see. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, all those who celebrate, and we’ll see you back here next Monday for more witchcraft, abs and drama.