Witches of East End Recap, Season 1, Episode 2: “Marilyn Fenwick, RIP”

Hey hey, good news, the Witches of East End had a strong second episode! One of my favorite aspects is the relationships between the women, sister to sister, mother to daughter, all on great display here — and sorely missing on television these days. Onto the recap (and GIFs) …

We open on Ingrid looking for the secret compartment in the cupboard. She pulls out a giant box. Inside she finds a spell book. Scholar Ingrid seems to recognizes the book, and she looks for a spell to save Freya.

She finds a resurrection spell, and stands over her Aunt Wendy the cat. (Who is apparently really dead, despite the nine lives curse?) The spell works, and kitty awakens from her cat nap!


Wendy actually looks kind of cat-like, so we dig the casting. Also, we love Madchen Amick in anything, so.

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Naked Wendy is heaving into the toilet. She’s pissed at the resurrection because, turns out, she wasn’t really dead. (Who knew?! Not Ingrid.) She’s mad at Johanna for not teaching the girls about their gifts, because Ingrid didn’t know that when you cast a resurrection spell, there’s a price: resurrect someone you love, someone else you love must die.

Ingrid is freaked out. She walks around looking like this for a lot of the episode.

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Meanwhile Freya, still stuck inside the speakeasy photo, is running from Angry Desert Guy (who hereafter shall be known as ADG). Freya tries a spell, and ADG helpfully exposits that, hey, spells don’t work in paintings, or he woulda used one to get out of the desert painting in the first place. Like all evil villains, ADG gives away crucial pieces of his plan. When Freya begs him not to stab her with his giant pointy knife (not a euphemism), he explains that the knife is the only way outta there. Instead ADG is going to burn down the bar. He ties her up and kisses her, she bites him. Atta girl, Freya! He lights the fire and uses the knife to break through the wall.

Matriarch Johanna is being booked and interrogated about the murder/attack perpetrated by Johanna 2.0. Johanna won’t telling Ingrid’s almost-detective boyfriend (pre-accusing her mom of murder) anything, she just asks to call her lawyer.

No one at the bar knows where Freya is. (Except us.) Hot almost brother-in-law Killian is brooding as he plays pool (he’s good at it, maybe he took lessons from Angel?) when Dash shows up. The brothers bicker.

On their way to save Freya, Aunt Wendy’s trying to catch Ingrid up on what’s happening, how all the women in their family are cursed, and also bad with men. I am glad Wendy is alive because she is hilarious. “Is that part of the curse?” Ingrid asks about the Beauchamp’s bad luck with men. “No, we’re just really stupid that way,” Wendy sighs.

All the hearts, Wendy, all the hearts.

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Johanna’s lawyer Harrison shows up. He’s immortal too! Joanna tells him someone’s trying to kill her. “Is that even possible?” Heh. Harrison gets her sprung, only it’s going to cost a million bucks in bail.

Freya’s freaking out in the speakeasy, as ADG chips away at the wall with the knife. Her screaming activates some sort of spell, freeing her from the ropes. She clonks ADG on the head, and takes the knife. Next thing we know, Freya’s passed out on the floor of the (present day) bar, and someone comes in to save her. Suddenly, she’s kissing the BIL on the pool table. She comes to, and obvs, it’s Dash who saved her. She doesn’t remember anything, and thinks the whole speakeasy was a dream. Dash is dashing, per usual. (That’s our quota for that joke, one per episode.)

Wendy and Ingrid rush into the bar, right past a canoodling Freya and into the bathroom. Wendy feels sick and turns into a cat, and Ingrid’s in charge of the spell, which she begins chanting. Soon Freya rushes in, interrupting her sister. The ladies gather up Wendy the cat and head home. Only out from the painting pops ADG’s hand …

Johanna tells Harrison to call Ingrid. She won’t tell him where her money is because she doesn’t trust him. <insert lawyer joke here>

Ingrid’s catching up Freya on the latest shenanigans. They get the lawyer’s message that they need $100,000, and “The money is with Aunt Marilyn.” “But she’s dead!” the sisters protest, they’ve visited her grave. Wendy is amused. "Then we’re gonna need some shovels.”

Dash is at Killian’s boat. Dash offers his brother money for him to leave town. Killian refuses, he’s not going anywhere. The brothers threaten each other. Apparently they used to be close, not so much anymore.

Ooooh ADG is alive! (And burned, ick.) He jumps a woman and steals her car, stuffing the body in her trunk. (Double ick.) ADG calls someone (Johanna 1.0, one assumes) and assures them he’s still on the case.

The Beauchamps are digging up Aunt Marilyn and getting some more Witchcraft 101 from Aunt Wendy. Turns out there was no Aunt Marilyn, she was just a ruse for Johanna to bury her money in plain sight. The ladies find the cash and celebrate, while Johanna 2.0 glowers from afar.

Johanna is sprung! The Beauchamps bond over cookies (s’not cheesecake, but we’ll take it). Johanna warns the girls that they can’t tell anyone about their powers. Freya is mad, because Johanna sent her to therapy and made her think she was crazy for sensing the truth. Johanna tries to defend her choices, but Freya storms off.

Killian’s lying on his boat, staring at the stars. Your basic hot guy behavior. Freya sits down next to him, all the while protesting that she loves Dash. But Dash fixes things, and Freya wants to wallow. (Or something. Sure, Freya.) They bond over vague family drama. This is also the part of the episode where we must ogle over how pretty Jenna Dewan-Tatum is. They start longingly at each other, agree they shouldn’t be together and then continue to hang. As one does.


I mean, look at this woman!

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Ingrid is freaked out about the repercussions about the resurrection spell. Wendy won’t let Ingrid tell Johanna, for some shady reason. Ingrid misses her plain old boring life. They remember ADG and decide to go get the speakeasy painting to get rid of him once and for all, except they don’t know he escaped. Once they realize he’s gone, they desperately try to find Freya, who’s ignoring their calls, though she’s left her hottie almost-BIL and has headed home to an empty house. Dripping water from the ceiling sends her upstairs. Creepy soundtrack has us on edge (also we want her boots). Ooh! ADG jumps out and hurls Freya into the full bathtub, shoving her under the water. Aiiii!

Oh snap! ADG has Freya frozen under the bathwater and is chanting a spell. The ladies come in to save her. Johanna kicks ADG’s butt, and Wendy throws him into a new painting (this guy and paintings!) while Ingrid pulls her sister from the water. Freya gasps for air.

The next day, they bury the (nicer than a desert) painting in Marilyn’s grave. Bye, ADG!

Bye, bye, ADG!

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Upon their return, there’s our guy Dash waiting for Freya on the stoop! Dash offers Johanna her help, because he is … well, we promised we wouldn’t say it. Very nice. Dash and Freya flirt, and it is adorable. We love you, Dash! “I’m in, forever, no matter what,” Dash promises, which, Eric Winter should know from his years on Days of Our Lives, is like the kiss of death in relationships. Oblivious for now, they kiss.


Stoop canoodling. And yet!

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Everyone broods: Ingrid over the resurrection spell, Johanna over the still-terrible tarot cards. Johanna’s worried about her girls, they’ve never stayed alive this long. Wendy promises she’ll stay and help. Yay, Wendy!

But ooh, Johanna 2.0 is outside, casting a spell. Watch out, ladies!

Did you watch? Is Wendy your absolute fave? Are you a fan of Killian or Dash? Is Jenna Dewan-Tatum just the prettiest woman ever? Sound off in the comments, and we’ll see you next week!