Woman Considers Moving Back To Small Hometown, Realizes She Made The Right Decision In Leaving


Kristen Manning, 30, returned to her small hometown of Petunia Springs, Montana, only to realize that she was better off living in San Jose, where she’s resided for the past 10 years.

“I came back to visit my sister, Amanda, who was pregnant with twins. And I thought maybe I could reconnect with some old friends, especially … Russ Dannings.”

But Russ isn’t the same as Kristen remembers. “Time has not been kind to Russ. He has a huge beer gut now and still smokes, which was kinda hot in high school, but not anymore. I swung by to visit the gas station where he still works, and saw him through the service station window, sitting behind the counter picking his nose. I got the hell out of there before I could see if he ate his boogers or not.”

Manning, who runs a PR firm in Silicon Valley, is relieved to know that small town life is not for her. “I thought, maybe I’m ready for a change of pace. Maybe it’s time for me to come home. Especially considering how well everything turned out for Amanda. But after seeing Russ, I know it’s not. I have a good life in San Jose. My two-bedroom apartment and three cats may not sound very exciting, but my company is growing every day. Plus there’s this guy, Marshall Banks? He’s a total hot shot with tons of capital, and he’s interested in investing in my company. I’d rather see what happens with him then stick around and be exposed to second-hand smoke from Russ.”

Kristen booked a non-stop flight to San Francisco International Airport for tomorrow afternoon. “I treated myself to a first class ticket, and you better believe after all this I’m going to order a cocktail and an in-flight movie. Probably something with Hugh Jackman.”

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