Wrapping Up Paranormal Month With A List Of Upcoming Releases

Thanks so much for helping make our second theme month a success on the RT Daily Blog. We've celebrated paranormal novels all October with exclusive content and videos. (You can check out all of this month's paranormal action here.)

But we wouldn't dream of wrapping up our paranormal coverage without giving you a peek ahead at all the fun still to come in the genre. Here are six titles we are dying to get our hands on. Let us know which books you can't wait for in the comments below!



In The Dark Of Dreams by Marjorie M. Liu
Releases December 2010

December's Dirk and Steele novel returns Liu's diverse cast of supernatural beings to the ocean.

We've seen mind reading and manipulation of memories used for nefarious ends in this series before, but in this new release, we are happy to see that walking through other's dreams can be used for good instead of evil. 



In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz
Releases January 2011

In Too Deep is book one of the Looking Glass Trilogy in which the multi-talented Krentz brings readers back to the Arcane world. If her newest collection is anything like her previous entries, we are looking forward to following stories that span the past, present and future.

And the most exciting part? Finally, FINALLY, we get to learn more about Fallon Jones - the head of the paranormal J&J Agency. 



Raziel by Kristina Douglas
Releases February 2011

We've really gotten into the whole fallen angel phenomenon. And debut author Kristina Douglas promises to turn up the action with Raziel. There's nephilim on rampages, a dead mortal and her anti-angelic lover. Who could ask for more?



The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell
Releases March 2011

Saundra Mitchell's inventive gothic romance has more than just parties in store for her Gilded-age heroine. This young woman lives her life under the shadow of a dark prophecy and the mysterious Nathaniel is about to complicate matters even more. When danger comes in such a good-looking package, it's hard to resist throwing yourself into peril!





Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon
April 2011

The latest in this futuristic paranormal series promises to catapult readers to the edges of deep space. Outlaw Caillen's loyalties are divided when the fearless soldier of the Royal Guard, Desideria, appeals to him for help. We are excited to see how Kenyon conquers the first addition to this series in over a decade.



Corsets & Clockwork by edited by Trisha Telep 
Releases May 2011

Here are thirteen clever combinations of corsets, clockwork and all the innovations of the Steampunk sub-genre to get your summer reading in gear. (We'd say pardon the pun but after Meljean Brook's The Iron Duke, we really can't wait for more Steampunk!)

Readers will recognize some familiar names involved with the project including Ann AguirreCaitlin KittredgeMaria V. Snyder and Kiersten White.