Writes and Wrongs: On the conversation-killer "Please visit my site to check out my work ..."

Best-selling author Shiloh Walker pens this bi-weekly column of online advice for writers. Walker is a full-time author who is published in both e-book and traditional print formats. Now she shares her experience and advice to help aspiring and published authors figure out the "Writes and Wrongs" of the digital world.

There are certain words that are almost a guarantee to turn other authors off your work. Now, not all authors, mind you. There may be some that don’t care. But there are some that do. Because these words are annoying…especially when they come right after you’ve been a compliment. 

It’s also usually something a new author tends to do a lot. It’s okay…because it’s a mistake a lot of authors make and unless you do it repeatedly, it’s not going to kill interest forever.

But these words can really put a damper on the conversation. Wanna know what they are?

Please visit my site to check out my work…

Also know as... Author Spam. Take note—I’m not saying you can’t ever you use this without coming across like a promo whore. But when you just drop it into a conversation…? Nope. Author spam.

Especially when this bit of author spam is preceded by something like ‘Oh, I’ve noticed you write…blah blah blah…I think you’ll love my work…’ or ‘Oh, I’ve noticed you enjoy reading…fill in the blank…’, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes there are compliments. Sometimes there is an attempt to establish a rapport, and it’s usually done in a very short of amount of time, followed by those dreaded words…Please visit my site…

Sigh. Here’s the deal, folks.

If you’re an engaging individual and I like your online presence? I’m going to end up doing that at some point anyway. But if you spam me, or hand me a bunch of compliments or crap like that then spam me…it puts me off.

The way to get authors…and readers interested in your work? Well… talk to us. Like we’re…you know… people. Not some big, flashing dollar sign or some faceless potential reader board or whatever. If you’re interesting and fun and you treat us like people, you’ll probably catch the interest you’re looking for.

But when you toss out those little conversation-stoppers…please visit my visit to check out my work…right in the middle of a conversation, um. No. That’s not catching my interest. I doubt I’m the only one.

Lines like that? Save them for the end of a guest blog. Or a blog hosted on places other than your own site…like here! You know, here’s an ideal example of where one can use that line and it’s not automatically going to come across as author spam.

Folks…have a wonderful day and if you’re interested, you can visit my site to check out my work

- Shiloh Walker

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