Writing With The Stars Contest Update

We know all of the aspiring authors who submitted manuscripts to Kensington at the beginning of July for the Writing With The Stars Contest are anxiously awaiting their fate.

So how is everyone holding up? Can't sleep at night wondering if you will get to write with the stars of the Brava romance universe? Do you find yourself staring out the window for hours imagining your book on the shelf next to HelenKay Dimon, Mary Wine and Cynthia Eden? Obsessing over getting to meet Emma Lang, Lucy Monroe and Bianca D'Arc? Well, you won't have to wait much longer to find out if you are one of the chosen contestants.

Right now, the Brava editorial team is busy at work narrowing down the manuscripts that they received to just ten. These writers' fates will be decided in the middle of this month when we announce the names of the ten contestants who will move on to the final rounds of Writing With The Stars where eventually one talented aspiring author will win a publishing contract with Brava.

The editorial director of Kensington's Brava Books, Alicia Condon, wishes the "best of luck to all who entered" and the RT Staff is keeping our fingers crossed for all of you. May the best aspiring author win!