YA Month Kick Off

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For many of us, September means “back to school.” And whether you are headed into the classroom as a student or a teacher, or just remembering the sensation of being in class, what better time for a month-long celebration of young adult novels?

This hot genre is bursting with great books for fall. In our September issue, for the first time ever, we had six YA Top Picks! These six reads are a great cross-section of what is going on in the genre, and are hitting shelves this month. We can't wait!

One of the best things about YA is the variety the genre offers, and our top pick selections show just that. There are authors continuing their series in unexpected ways, like the prequel to Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series, Clockwork Angel. There are well-known authors moving in new directions, like historical romance author Sophie Jordan making her YA debut with Firelight. There are great contemporary tales, like RT award winner Natalie Standiford's latest, Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters, Simone Elkeles' Return to Paradise, and newcomer (and teen!) Kody Keplinger's The Duff.

September even sees debut the of a vampire tale that made our reviewer stand up and take notice, with Rebecca Maizel's Infinite Days. With so much going on in the genre, we can't wait to share it all with you this month.

Join us on the RT Daily Blog all September for a full month of YA coverage. We'll be tracking trends and delivering more behind-the-scenes action than ever before. You can expect to see more *Web Exclusive Reviews* of entire YA series. We're going to take you on book tour with some of our favorite YA authors. We will also be bringing you more in-depth author interviews and videos, more book excerpts for you to "test drive" these new releases with, and of course, we will be hosting lots of great giveaways.


So if you love YA or are new to the genre, headed back to school or not, this month we will help you enjoy hitting the (YA) books!


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