Young Adult Top Picks Giveaway

To celebrate the unprecedented SIX YA top picks of September, RT is giving you a chance to get your hands on these coveted novels in this awesome giveaway. Five lucky winners will receive a prize pack of this entire six book collection! 


Clockwork Angel
Cassandra Clare

Why You Can't Miss This Novel: "Readers will be thrilled and amazed with this prequel to The Mortal Instruments, tearing their way through a beautifully constructed story of action, magic, mayhem and romance." - RT Reviewer Kelly Brennan

Summary: This novel kicks off Clare's new series, The Infernal Devices. Heroine Tessa's attempt to locate her brother is complicated by a kidnapping, a love triangle and her magical awakening.


Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters
Natalie Standiford

Why You Can't Miss This Novel: "By turns outrageous, funny, touching and sweet, this excellent novel will stay with readers long after they close the covers." - RT Senior Editor and Reviews Coordinator Stephanie Klose

Summary: Three sisters race the clock in an attempt to secure their inheritance. Their wealthy grandmother has proclaimed that the entire family will be disinherited unless the sister whose actions have offended her comes forward. Unfortunately the girls don't know whose misdeeds it was!


Sophie Jordan

Why You Can't Miss This Novel: "Jordan executes a refreshing and exciting tale of forbidden supernatural love and desire ... An ethereal series start ..." - RT Reviewer Kelly Brennan

Summary: As a result of teen were-dragon Jacinda's antics, her family must seek refuge in the mortal world. When Jacinda meets dragon hunter Will, she can't help but fall for him. Jacinda is trying to survive in the human realm and can't shake her hope that a relationship with Will might be part of her life.


The Duff
Kody Keplinger

Why You Can't Miss This Novel: "Kudos to the 18-year-old Keplinger for writing a heroine whose complicated relationship with sex is honest and heartbreaking ... Expect to be recommending The Duff to friends for years to come." - RT Assistant Web Editor Whitney Sullivan

Summary: When popular guy Wesley, tells Bianca she is the group’s D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) she is shocked. His insult adds fuel to the fire that is consuming her home life. In an attempt to gain some control, Bianca begins a pattern of destructive behavior with Wesley. But can Bianca crawl out of this mess before it ruins her?


Return to Paradise
Simone Elkeles

Why You Can't Miss This Novel: "At once laugh-out-loud funny and tearjerkingly sad, this heartrending novel is impossible to put down...The emotion behind her characters’ dilemma leaps off the page, keeping you desperate to know if they can ever work things out." - RT Reviewer Raven Heller

Summary: When Maggie and Caleb reunite at a retreat by teens affected by reckless driving, they try to overcome their history and make their relationship work. Will the couple's reignited love stand the test of their return back home to the scene of the crime?


Infinite Days
Rebecca Maizel

Why You Can't Miss This Novel: Dying for some fresh vampire action? Debut author Maizel has us hooked with this new series starter. Says RT Reviewer Lauren Becker, "Maizel has written a gripping debut novel that wraps a historical story into a modern, paranormal tale."

Summary: In her last life, Lenah Beudonte was a vampire queen. Now she is just a normal teen. But her old vampire coven comes calling, expecting their leader back. Suddenly Lenah is faced with difficult choices she thought she'd left behind.


GIVEAWAY ALERT: Five lucky winners will receive this six-book set of September YA top picks. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post about why you can't wait to read these novels or e-mail here with your comment, mailing address and the subject line "Six September YA Top Picks Giveaway.” One entry per person, please. The contest winners will be announced on September 27th.

BLOG UPDATE 9/27/2010: We got such a great response, we are extending the contest until the end of the month. The five giveaway winners will be announced on September 30th.

BLOG UPDATE 10/7/2010: And the winners are ... Jeremy Beard, Cheeriox7, Rocket, nath and Wenj!