Your Lucky Day: Some Luck-filled Romances for your TBR

Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear readers! Are you celebrating with green beer? Some corned beef and cabbage? As always, our festivities mostly involve books, books and more books. So once you make it out of that crush of people at the bar, or finish up kissing the blarney stone, take a gander at our list of lucky reads to grant you good will all the way until next St. Patrick's Day. 

The original cover of THe Bad Luck Wedding Cake

Blind Luck Bride: This 2005 Harlequin American title from Laura Marie Altom tells the story of drunk, jilted Finn Riley, who bets that he'll be married within a week. So it's a good thing he soon runs into wedding dress-bedecked Lilly, who thinks Finn is her Marriage of Convenience groom. As luck would have it, wackiness ensues as they make their way to an HEA, ensuring a truly memorable read.

The Bad Luck Wedding Cake: Feel like a fun, fast-paced read, set in 1880s Texas? Then this 1998 historical from Geralyn Dawson (aka Emily March) is for you. We've got another jilted bride in Claire Donovan, only the town believes that Claire's family baked a bad luck wedding cake. And unless Claire marries her lackluster fiancé — instead of the much more interesting Tye — her family faces financial ruin. Can Claire prove that she's lucky in love after all?

The cover of Lucky Charm

Luck and a Prayer: In this 2004 Steeple Hill Love Inspired, Cynthia Cooke ups the ante as her heroine Willa goes undercover as a prostitute to find her father's killer. When she hides important evidence in youth pastor Jeff's pocket, these two are going to need more than Luck and a Prayer to solve the case and find peace. 

Lucky Charm: This Carly Phillips trilogy starter stars now estranged high school sweethearts (a favorite trope of ours!) Derek and Gabrielle. Seems Derek broke up with Gabrielle to save her from the Corwin curse, which has followed his family since the Salem Witch trials: any Corwin who fell in love would lose his woman and his fortune. But our girl Gabrielle's become a writer who debunks myths for a living, and she's back in town and ready to reclaim her man. 

And there ya have it! We wish you the happiest of St. Patrick's Day, and all the luck in the world! If you've got a great lucky read to recommend, let us know in the comments! For more love stories, visit our Everything Romance page.